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Interview with Rick Lucas of Louisville SEO Strategies

What is the name of your company?

Louisville SEO Strategies

What got you interested in starting your own digital marketing company? Share your story

It started more like a hobby or an experiment. I was into recycling and working to make my home as energy efficient as possible so I started a blog and a website where I could gather all of the best tips in one place for friends and family. As it turns out there is money to be made in a recycling and hauling business if you know how to market. That website started to rank well in local searches and it was noticed by other local entrepreneurs. A friend started a local HVAC company and asked me to help him design a website and help him with local SEO. He referred me to a customer which led to another referral. I had three customers before I even had a website promoting SEO. I really enjoyed working with small companies and the challenge of internet marketing. I worked at night and on the weekends until I had a large enough customer base to go after it full time. That is how Louisville SEO Strategies was born.

What types of strategies are you using today to help your clients rank their businesses on Google?

If the client already has a website then the first thing I always do is keyword research and improve the on-site SEO. If they need a website built then on-site SEO is part of the package. I am surprised that so many companies neglect the importance of on-site SEO or the content on their homepage. By doing that first I can show them improvement in search results right away. Next, I work on gaining citation links and reputable back links. Also, I do some article marketing although it is not as effective as it used to be in improving search results. The article marketing helps establish my client as an expert in their field.

How have you gone about finding new clients? Do most come through word of mouth or do you advertise your services elsewhere?

The majority of my clients come from referrals. I do post a Craigslist ad offering free website consultation which has led to a few new customers and some networking opportunities.

What tools do you use to organize client tasks and stay organized within your agency? 

I use SEOprofiler to monitor progress for my customers and to check out what the competition is doing. I like to use Buffer to schedule social media posts.

What is the #1 challenge you face today when it comes to productivity, task management and getting more work done for your clients?

The biggest challenge for me is keeping up with whatever changes Google has cooking. I spend what seems like an inordinate amount of time doing research and staying in touch with upcoming changes. One of my biggest fears is to have a customer be aware of a new algorithm update before me.

What are your future plans for 2017 and beyond with your company?

I plan on improving and adding skills. I feel like I could improve my writing skills. The continued incremental growth of the company. The main goal will be to continue to be a benefit to our present customers. If my customers are growing and are profitable then my company will be growing and profitable. I am planning to add or improve the tools in our toolbox such as video marketing and growing my network. I am in the process of implementing a plan to market to customers on a national level.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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