IBOToolbox Review

IBO ToolBox Review

I recently discovered an interesting free online social network for entrepreneurs called the IBOToolbox, I wanted to write an IBOToolbox Review and share some of my thoughts after using this for the past few days.

ibotoolbox review

So what is the IBOToolbox?

ibotoolbox review

Basically this is a network of like minded people that are sharing, commenting and marketing each others content.

The Basics:

The dashboard on the left pane shows the common activities you can do to get started with IBO.

– I started by signing in and setting up my profile and general information about myself, this earned me 100 credits. I get more into this below.

Posting a Press Release (Blogging) You earn 40 credits x2 a day when you post a press release. This is spread across to the wall on IBO and is also posted to local pages hosted by IBOToolbox such as for others to view and read. This helps create backlinks to your sites and increases views. Others will comment, like and share these press releases and increase that potential even more.

Recent Wall Activity, just like Facebook you have a ‘wall’ that you can post comments or links on, this is just another way to promote your websites on IBOToolbox.

Recent Referral Activity, you earn 200 credits per person that signs up on IBOToolbox through your referral link. If you like my post and decide to sign up, feel free you use my link here. I would really appreciate it.

Recent Advertising Activity, you can create advertisements that link to your content. Since most people that are visibly going to be interested in online marketing the Empower Network opportunity may be something people will be interested in learning about. You will need credits to setup these ads, more on this below as I continue my IBOToolbox Review.

Recent Comment Activity, it only makes sense that you participate in the IBOToolbox community by commenting on others posts, ‘liking’ the posts or sharing them on one of many social networks. The more you post, the more people will see your own content and visit your profile.

There are many more features to this platform, I highly suggest checking out the site and browsing through all the training. The piece that confused me most was that most primary functionality behind the site is within the ‘IBO Tools’ at the top once logged in.

My IBOToolbox Review & The Credit System

You earn 100 credits upon filling out your basic profile information on IBOToolbox, this will also allow you to setup your first ad that you can use. 100 credits can be converted into 500 impressions, impressions are essentially someone visibly seeing your ad. So if I browse through IBOToolbox, the right hand pane contains many ‘text’ based ads created by other IBOToolbox members. Each time I see one of these ads, an ‘impression’ is being taken as I have visibly seen the ad while browsing the site. 5 impressions are taken away for each click.

I noticed from one day after setting up a banner ad I had zero clicks but a text ad ran through 500 impressions and I got 9 clicks over night. I’m not going to complain considering all I did was setup my IBOToolbox profile and participate in the community a little bit.

Credits break down:

Logging in = 5 credits

Posting 2x press releases (blog posts) a day will give you a total of 40 credits or 20 for each.

Refer someone to IBOToolbox = 200 credits.

Credits of course can also be purchased for money if you choose to do so.

More on my IBOToolbox Review – Tips for new users:

I request many people for association (friend others) and try to ‘like’ and comment on their blogs, you will find many blogs actually contain useful information and are well written posts.I only signed up three days ago and I already have 13 likes and 188 visitors to my IBOToolbox site along with about 15~ clicks on some simple ads I created. All for FREE! Overall I really like this site and see nothing but positive results coming from using this for a small amount of time every day to market my online ventures.

IBOToolbox also allows you to setup some Google Adsense ads for free, I added two ads into my Adsense account just for this purpose. No reason not to advertise to make some extra $$ on the side.

Well I hope you liked my IBOToolbox Review, share your thoughts. If you are curious about how I utilize IBOToolbox, see how you can make money using sites like Empower Network to make profits by blogging here!

Join me as an associate at IBOToolbox!

ibotoolbox review

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Tracking Your Social Media Sharing With ShareThis

Tracking Your Social Media Sharing With ShareThis

I recently discovered new WordPress plugin called ShareThis I wanted to write a blog post about.

With the launch of my new site I decided to search for some recent plugins for 2012 to setup social media sharing on my blog. There are so many plugins and widgets available for WordPress it can be quite overwhelming. I wanted to have something very simple and not to ‘in your face’ when it comes to giving my readers a way to share or ‘like’ my content.

Here is an awesome post going over some of the top social media sharing plugins today.

So what is this tracking feature for ShareThis?

ShareThis currently has a beta program for a new widget feature called CopyNShare. Anytime someone shares your content you are not only helping create back links to your content you have the ability to see who is sharing it and track this information! I thought this was pretty cool so I set this up yesterday and registered.

You can read the FAQ on CopyNShare here.

Here is a snipped of the description of CopyNShare from the ShareThis plugin settings page-

sharethis copynshare

Here is a preview of the tracking page for the CopyNShare ShareThis page (Keep in mind I JUST installed this plugin and have not begun promoting my site).


I am excited to see how my SQI score will compare once I really start promoting my website and working on SEO for my site. I may also install ShareThis on a couple other websites I run just to see how it will do. I run a website strictly for music and sharing is a big part of helping bands get discovered.

What are some advantages to tracking your shares with ShareThis?

In my opinion, I’d like to see how often on a daily basis people share my content. What type of content they are sharing and on what social media platform. I can hopefully use this information to provide better content in the future and help my readers out. If you happen to run a WordPress site, checkout the ShareThis plugin and register for CopyNShare.

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My Evernote Review – Getting Organized with Evernote

My Evernote Review – Getting Organized with Evernote

This is my Evernote Review, I wanted to share some information about a new tool I have found called Evernote that has helped me a great deal to become more organized! I have always been the type of person that had documents scattered throughout my PC, I was recently just looking at this directory I had full of various Adobe PDF documents, Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets and Text documents. I had attempted to organize these within multiple sub-folders trying to make it easier on my life but in reality I just still found myself sometimes misplacing documents or digging through folder after folder trying to find something I need.

My Evernote Review – How Evernote helped me get Organized

This is when I discovered a program called Evernote. So what is Evernote exactly? This free application allows you to create various notebooks that can be organized into sub-directories where you can store documents on a cloud based network. Ready to try it out? Go ahead and download Evernote from here.

Here in my Evernote Review I will share with you these essential features of Evernote:

  • Synchronized Cloud based document sharing
  • Organization with ‘Notebooks’
  • Ability to store and save various document types includes pictures
  • Cross platform sharing – Evernote can be accessed from multiple PC’s, Mac computers or even a Cell phone
  • Web Clipper – Copy highlighted content from websites to store into ‘Notes’
  • Sharing capability with Social Media Networks

My Evernote Review – Getting Started with Evernote

I found installing this program and just tinkering with dragging and dropping documents along with creating notebooks was very easy to figure out. If you would like some basics on getting started the folks over at Evernote have a very simple and straight forward tutorial on how to get started with Evernote, you can check that out here.

Here is the basic overview of how I’ve setup my personal Evernote. I categorized two of my primary businesses documents into two main directories. I also have an additional directory I use for some personal goals I update every week.


So here you can see I have setup a Notebook for both Beachbody and Empower Network, I then added sub-notebooks for specific content I wanted to organize. In this example screenshot I have a Notebook created called “Traffic Exchange Site Info” and within the Notebook I added two notes full of links and information regarding traffic exchange sites. I can quickly and easily access this from any PC in my house or from my Cell Phone using the Evernote Application.

My Evernote Review – Sharing capabilities with Evernote

Within the top right pane in Evernote you can also share content via the following:

  • E-mail
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

I thought this was a pretty cool feature they added in if I would like to quickly send e-mail or add my content to these social media sites.

Moving to Evernote Premium

Evernote is a free application but they also offer a premium version of Evernote you can read about here. The real disadvantage to the free version is you are limited on the amount of documents you can upload into your account and the amount of storage used per month. The free version is capped at 60 mb. I currently have used about 9 mb this month and it’s about the middle of October. Unless I was a power user and uploading a TON of large documents I probably will never need to upgrade to premium.

So I hope you liked my Evernote Review, this is a very useful application that I now use daily both at home and in the work place. You can download Evernote here.

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