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My January Income Report – Small Amounts Of Easy Income

Today I’m posting my income report for January, this has not been a mind blowing month in terms of income by any means but I’m starting to see traction with a lot of projects I’ve worked on over the past several months. Being inspired by Pat Flynn’s motto of “work hard now, reap the benefits later”. That is exactly what is starting to happen with me.

In my last income report I mentioned a TON of projects I had going on, most of which were one time ordeals so this month I’ve tried to minimized the amount of things I’ve been doing and tried to stay more focused. Mostly on product creation and my interview show.

So let’s dive right into the income shall we?

$80 for assisting in the sale of a website – See my interview with Tom E. for more details on this. I originally was told I’d be making 8% of a website sale of $8000, the person who purchased the site has been paying in increments of $80 so this month I received another $80 and was told this will continue for the next few months till the customer pays off the site.

$22 for writing a testimonial for the Prosociate plugin. I picked up an Amazon niche site plugin called Prosociate earlier last year for building out sites like the owner of the plugin was looking for success stories and I happened to make $22 in commissions with the plugin so he agreed to pay me an additional $22 for a testimonial and review.

$2.26 for Amazon income from I realized this month If I’m going to continue with my niche site I need to make major changes, I already found some major SEO flaws that I could easily fix I will be working on in February.

$44 from Fiverr Gig Income – I’ve been having a lot of success with a Fiverr gig, so much so I actually spent a weekend and created a whole course for how I setup and profit with the gig. I plan on launching this on the WarriorForum at some point in February.

$45.45 from Simple Novice Profits. (I split 50% commissions with Vinny Bock)

$44.25 From My Podcasting course on UdemyLearn Podcasting From Expert Online Marketing Entrepreneurs. I decided to essentially re-purpose a lot of content I already had and create a simple Udemy Podcasting course. It’s full of current interviews I’ve done with multiple podcast show hosts sharing all kinds of great information. It’s got over 7+ hours of interview content and additional videos from me on using Google Hangouts and Auphonic to setup your podcast.

I also priced my course lower than all other podcast courses on Udemy at only $10. I used some free coupon incentives to drive a TON of new members into my course, I was able to bring in over 1000 free members in 24 hours which is also more than any other podcast course available.

This worked very well because Udemy has been driving sales for me organically. Randomly throughout the month I’ll get 50% commissions from people who find the course in the Udemy marketplace. Since there are so many people enrolled I give off a great “social proof” status with 13 reviews and 1000+ students. Special thanks to Borja and Darrin for willingly picking up my course for the full price just to support my show!

$100 for doing an interview for the Blueprint Entrepreneur Magazine – I did an interview with John Lee Dumas which I will be posting in February, I agreed to let another magazine contributor write an article based on an interview I did with John about webinars. I haven’t been paid for this yet but I completed it in January so I suspect I’ll get this at some point in early-mid February.

Total Earned $337.96

Other projects and updates – Stuff in the works!

Re-branding on Udemy – As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, back in September I helped Vinny Bock re-create his membership site for Simple Novice Profits. We decided this month to re-brand our course with some small modifications and launch it on Udemy. This went live late January and we are working on getting it into the public listings on Udemy (They are complaining about video quality currently).

I put a good amount of time into this and discussing it with Vinny quite a bit to drive more organic traffic within the Udemy marketplace. The re-branded course is called “How To Outsource SEO on Fiverr To Generate Profit” It can be purchased right now for $40, but for my readers you can get a 50% off coupon and purchase it for only $20 here.

My Upcoming Kindle Book – I finished up a 25,000 word Kindle book with the help of Jamie Cheng and Michael Young (Thanks guys). Michael Is currently helping me with formatting so I’m hoping to launch this in February finally.

I moved to a new web host called Axcelx – I have had some past dilemmas with web hosting, my site Metalcore Kingdom is hosted by my buddy Armin. The past issues I’ve run into were having changes made last minute such as hitting bandwidth caps and him not being able to fix the problem right away.

I decided when I was going to build out Voices Of Marketing among other sites I’d get a Bluehost account after seeing pretty much everyone and their mother promote it. I had my websites go down not 1 or 2 times but either “lag out” or be completely unreachable probably 5 or 6 times that I knew about so overall I have not been very happy with them, both in terms of speed and down time.

Now thankfully I have good friends and a great connection, James Thomas is the owner of a Boston Colocation web hosting company Axcelx. James graciously has allowed me to host all of my sites for free, the speed in load times literally increased by 10x the amount after moving my sites over to him, even better is I was paying Bluehost around $75 a year for hosting and James is a good friend so I’m no longer paying for my web hosting.

Truemind Course – I was in a beta training group with Andrew Warner of Mixergy several months ago, I was given an opportunity this month to be part of the final course for free so I’m excited about this as well.

Six Figure Alliance – I’m 4 weeks into a course all about product creation, my plan is to learn some tactics to promote Simple Novice Profits and launch a new Fiverr WSO in February. So far the course has been very helpful and well worth it.

Here is what I spent money on this month:

-$5 on a Kindle eBook Cover on Fiverr

-$5 on a logo for my Udemy Podcasting course

-$2 for a logo for my “How To Outsource SEO On Fiverr” Udemy Course (This was split with Vinny Bock)

-$5 on having a new intro done for my show, I was able to get a voice over from Jeff Brown for free.

-$5 for a Fiverr gig to get myself interviewed on another blog

-$15 on GetResponse email autoresponder

-$37 on membership (I’m thinking of cancelling as my use for this has been limited lately)

-$37 on Linkclaw – This is an SEO application that basically creates backlinks for your backlinks using an RSS feed and automation through apps like Hootsuite. Very interesting stuff, I was intrigued by what It could do so I picked it up. It’s basically running on auto-pilot for me now.

I’m probably missing a couple small things here, but off hand can’t think of them.

Spent $111

Total Profit $226.96

So not as great as the last couple of months, but I know with some of these other projects in the works I should start seeing more income through the start of the new year.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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