Why Should You Use Quotes In Content?

When creating a piece of content that is for your niche, you want it to be as thorough and exciting as possible. While some people shy away from using quotes because they are worried about usage rights or that they feel using other people’s quotes is ‘cheating’, it is a highly effective way to create better content. 

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So why should you be using quotes to support all of your content marketing efforts? 

More Context

As you create the content, you will be looking for interesting ways to flesh out the points you are making. Luckily there are hundreds of experts that have given talks – or written their own content that discusses the topic. 

When you pull quotes, you are going to broaden the scope for discussion – and you can make it more interesting by including quotes from opposing views. 


One of the most important things that your content is going to get is credibility. Because you will be writing in a set niche, you can fine-tune the content to meet the needs of the audience. 

Industry leaders and thought experts will be happy to give an opinion or quote on topics that matter – and more importantly, they will have a name in your niche already. 

Benefits Both

Experts in their field got there in two ways – one is that they have years of experience behind them, and the other is that they have positioned themselves to be experts. 

Marketing expert Chris Boggs uses a combination of interviews with other experts and regularly gives talks to secure his position. This is a great example of expert positioning and the benefits of speaking with other experts.

Both the expert you choose and your content will benefit from the inclusion of quotes, and the sharing from both will increase visibility and eyes on the content too. 

More Persuasive 

Where the content you are writing is designed to be more persuasive, having quotes to support the piece can help the writer to be more convincing. When the quotes that you use support the ideas or are even talking about the products or methods, these can give the reader more to consider. 


For topics that are complex or that are new theories and discoveries, they can get difficult to read. Ideally, you want to be able to explain complex ideas in the most simple way – and one way that expert quotes can help is by clarifying the points or delivering a new way to look at the idea. 

Pulling Everything Together

When you create content, typically, there are a few ideas that will be discussed and stages to the piece (opening, idea presentation, product conversation etc). For long articles or anything that will be published in a different outlet, what you want to do is use quotes to pull the ideas within the text together. It can help give solid links. 

Quotable Quotes

People like to share things that they find interesting, and one of the ways that you can do that is to make sure that the quotes within the article are easy to share. Look for quotes that are quotable to others. Something that is either inspirational, rational or emotive will work well. 

Using quotes in your marketing content can make a good piece of something great. Content is just a small part of the marketing puzzle, though. Here are more areas where it is essential to pay attention: Essential Strategic Marketing Campaigns for Online Businesses

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