Top Tips To Make Customers Feel More Valued

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Happy customers are the heartbeat of any successful business. Several different elements will contribute to their overall happiness and engagement. Still, feeling valued sits atop the list. Therefore, your company must take the necessary steps to achieve this goal.

The right strategy will impress new and long-term clients alike. In turn, you should see increased conversions and customer loyalty levels. The following advice will point you in the right direction.

1| Run loyalty schemes 

It is shown that 80% of your revenue may come from just 20% of your client base. Sadly, millions of SMEs fall into the trap of only giving special offers to new clients. While it may bring new leads, it can leave existing clients feeling disheartened and unappreciated. A loyalty membership program is the ideal solution for overcoming this problem.

You can also consider offering customers special deals on excess stock. Or consider giving them a chance to order new products before the public.

2| Give out some freebies

Freebies can work as your greatest marketing materials. Each time a customer uses the item, it will remind them of the brand. Moreover, it makes them associate your company with a better quality of life. Services like Cap America will enable you to find affordable items that are completely customized for your brand. It’s far cheaper than expensive ad campaigns.

As well as strengthening the bond you share with the direct consumer, it can spread brand awareness. After all, people will pay attention to the logo on the products.

3| Move into content creation

Whether it’s starting a YouTube channel or a podcast is up to you. Either way, providing content to your users gives them something for free. In turn, this means that their relationship with the brand brings greater value for money. Moreover, ideas like explainer videos show that you actively care about helping them get more out of your products.

Content also allows you to showcase your brand personality and cement your place as an authoritative voice. Better still, it is an enjoyable way to diversify your marketing plans.

4| Ask for their opinions

A sense of inclusion can have a telling influence on how a consumer feels about your brand. Tools like Attest enable you to send out feedback forms. When you actively respond to the feedback by implementing some of the suggested changes, people will valued. More importantly, it actively helps you build a business that they will love.

If nothing else, it makes clients feel that they are on the journey with you. This added sense of customer engagement will translate to increased customer lifetime values.

5| Invest in customer care

Most consumers accept that some issues will surface from time to time. Offering quality customer care can turn a negative experience into a positive one, thus increasing their trust in the brand. Conversely, though, a slow and inadequate response could harm your reputation. And once the trust is lost, it’ll be very difficult to regain it.

Whether it’s chatbots and self-service customer care or VoIP phone lines is up to you. Either way, showing a commitment to delivering the best service will not go unnoticed.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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