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Interview with John Monti of

Today I present another written interview with John Monti of YourVaporizers.com06092014

1. What got you interested in selling vaporizers online? Share your story.

I’ve been doing SEO for almost 10 years and ecommerce for 3 years. One of my friends were mentioning how lucrative the vaporizer business was. I had done some research on my own and found out he was right. I found three good US suppliers that generate millions of dollars a year, have good phone support and large variety of name brand products. I get them at vendor price and make over 60% profit margins between each sale. The best part is vaporizers are a large growing business, especially with medical marijuana becoming legal for recreational use in over 3 states and 20 others with medical marijuana. So people are always looking for healthier alternatives to smoking and vaporizers are expensive with good margins.

2. How is your inventory managed online in terms of distribution and fulfillment? Do you drop ship the products?

We Drop Ship. Customer orders, money is sent to an account, I call the supplier to make sure they have it in stock, I log in the backend of my suppliers and place the order, they send it to the customer. Product usually comes to customer within 2-3 business days.

3. What are some strategies you use to boost traffic to your site and help generate more sales?

It is all about quality links. I strive to contact every webmaster in my industry for a link to the site. The sites I look for have to have good Domain Authority, Page Authority, Citation score and trust score. I either write on high quality blogs as comments, post blog posts for high quality sites, build tons of articles, complete unique content for my site and my blogs content. I have 10 tiers of a link pyramid which give strong link juice as well as using a big Private Blog Network. The main thing is from money site to tier 3 links I write 100% unique content for them.

4. What are 3 of your favorite tools for running your eCommerce business? This could be anything from productivity to promotion, inventory management etc.

My site uses Magento and it manages everything real well. Some software I use on tier 4-10 link levels are; scrapebox, GSA, Ultimate Demon, Kontent Machine & Market Samurai.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

I’m working on opening up a vaporizer shop / Cafe for people to be able to buy vaporizers, rent them out and use them in the lounge area of the store. I’m also going to add a vaporizer repair service as well as developing my own custom vaporizers to send to retail stores for bulk purchase blocks. My store is going to be in Orlando, FL where medical marijuana is approved for the “Charlottes web strain”.

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