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Interview with Yogesh Dhawan

Today I am presenting another written interview with Yogesh Dhawan of

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What got you interested in starting your own company to provide marketing services? Share your story.

I am from a business minded family, Working under someone is not in by blood. It was just the matter of time and opportunity. I started my carrier as a salesman when I was a student more than 10 years ago. Sales was easy for me and everybody in my circle knew that I was a bloody good salesman.

I was very good at selling because I used to apply innovative ways to sell. Then suddenly I started noticing online ads when couple of them actually attracted me and then I started using them in booking appointments to sell. That was the start and then slowly I fully moved towards online marketing. Started as a freelancer and worked for many small businesses with positive results. So, I have decided to start on my own full time business and it’s going pretty well.

What do you find most customers are looking for help with when it comes to marketing their business?

I am working with small and medium businesses and they are not very technical in terms of either website updates or online marketing or even doing little tweaks like creating a facebook business page. So my target market is just looking for help in getting found online by their customers, local business promotion and social media marketing which is anew big thing. They can’t keep up with the pace by which online marketing is going forward so they need someone who can help them getting found online or inbound marketing.

Do you do most of your work in-house or do you outsource with freelancers?

Most of the work I do myself because I cannot find a freelancer who works like me and with the same knowledge of the field and when I do find someone like me or even better they charge a lot. So, for me it’s better to do all work myself except some work in which I am not very skilled such as professional content writing and graphic designing work.

What’s working for you today when it comes to SEO? What types of tactics are you using?

Good Question, I keep it very simple and safe. I am good at keyword research so instead of trying to rank 10 high competition keywords I rank 25 medium competition keywords and just because of that I don’t always have to struggle to rank websites and keeping my clients happy. I do all my work manually because I don’t risk my clients businesses with automatic backlinks softwares. Whenever I have to rank high competition keywords I use competitor’s backlinks to outrank them all.

What are your future plans for 2015 and beyond?

I want to be the best online marketing expert in Australia, so the future plans are just to keep all my customers more than happy and continue providing safe and secure online marketing services and creating a positive vibe in the market.

Check out his site at Yogesh Dhawan

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