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Interview with Julia Vorontsova about Video & Facebook Marketing

Today I am presenting another interview with Julia Vorontsova about Video & Facebook Marketing

Check out the interview:

1. What got you interested in video marketing and helping others with advertising? Share your story.

As a child I’ve always been joking about versions or commercials on TV: how we could make it better or what alternative could be more appropriate. Then after I got bigger and completed my Master’s in Cognitive science I learnt about metaphors in advertising and how they work in human perception. All of a sudden I decided I have no other way but go and create video ads for businesses: simple, live, understandable. I work as idea generator: I give my team all the details about how I see the video, and they put it to work. I am into anime and manga, too, and it shaped my vision of business. I see them as unique and distinct characters that have their voice, their stories. It’s great to see visions coming to life.

2. What types of tools do you use when it comes to producing great videos?

I work with videographers and animators, and each of them use their tools. Just a few: Camtasia/Screenflow, go animate, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc. It is sometime surprising how 1 min. video can involve using, say, 10 different softwares/effects. But the end result is always most important.

3. What types of advertising strategies are you using today when it comes to running Facebook ads?

The biggest thing many businesses still don’t realize is that advertising on social media is not saying about what is good about YOU. It’s about THEM, the clients. what do you have for them. Why do they need it. Why are they special for you. Advertising on Facebook is about giving value and your heart, more than just a polished video about your brand. None cares about brands.

4. Are you finding now that organic reach is down on Facebook more customers are interested in Facebook ads?

Video is becoming huge. It is changing the way people express themselves. I notice more and more people use video in social media as well as in advertising. It goes viral, it gets attention, it’s great for branding. It works for greeting someone on a special occasion. I see it become a turning point for many advertisers to stay or go out of business. But it also gives so many opportunities for creating beautiful projects.

5. What are your future plans for 2015 and beyond?

I am planning to work with more educational, start-up and non-profit businesses, I find them very inspiring and grateful, enthusiastic. It wakes me up in the morning and warms me in cold days. My dream for 2015 is to become a go-to professional for these businesses. I am also looking to expand my team and find investors/business partners. We also offer video marketing in Mandarin Chinese and It would be my focus this coming year, too. I see a lot of potential how it can be used in business to create awareness and to educate!

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