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Interview with Sari Abdo of StackAdapt

Today I am presenting another written interview with Sari Abdo who is the marketing director for StackAdapt. Sari_Abdo__HS__150px

Check out the interview:

1. What got you interested in the advertising technology space? Share your story.

To begin with, advertising is everywhere; and on the Internet in particular it is an evolving space with several solutions, visions, and models battling for the audience’s share of mind.

What drew me to the advertising space is the ever-present creativity in the industry. What drew me to advertising technology is the opportunity to take part in the shaping of the future of the web (hint: advertising is not going to stop!) I personally wanted to to be involved in and at forefront of creating new and creative ways to make advertisements that are non disruptive to the user’s experience.

2. How has StackAdapt helped businesses create exposure for their brand?

StackAdapt has developed a scalable model to integrate native advertising across publisher websites programmatically. So major brands, that are continuously working with top agencies to create amazing content are able to utilize that content by amplifying it across several platforms at scale and with measurable results. Publishers on the other hand are able to monetize their websites with Ads that are unobtrusive to their users’ experience and are have higher measurable success rates.

3. In your opinion, what are some of the biggest advantages of working with a company like StackAdapt?

I believe the biggest advantage of working with an ad exchange network like StackAdapt is being part of a tech startup at heart that builds proprietary solutions and embraces the agility of a tech startup.

From a personal standpoint my preference to work at a company like StackAdapt lies in the fact of being able to deliver a product that is a new medium of advertising (Native Ads). Working at a tech startup brings with it the excitement of adapting and creating everyday as a necessity to stay ahead of the forefront of the industry’s needs. Albeit challenging, the work is gratifying and seeing the impact that one’s work would be the ultimate reward.

4. What is your day-to-day like as the marketing director for StackAdapt? What challenges does working on a new space in the advertising world bring?

Being in a space where the industry itself is defining the medium of advertising that we are working on, a large proportion of our work is dedicated to educating the industry and uncovering the integration between content marketing and native advertising. This results in the majority of day-to-day work being focused on working alongside advertisers to identify the opportunities and potential usage of Native Ads across the web.

Being in a growing sector of the advertising industry introduces the need for a thought leadership role from the leading companies in the industry, as such much of the marketing efforts are dedicated to producing research, case studies, and resources to promote the usage and proliferation of this new advertising medium.

5. What are your future plans for 2015 and beyond?

2015 is certainly going to be interesting as our sector of the industry is exponentially growing; I believe that in the coming year, the interest in Native Advertising will continue to grow, as such, and from a marketing perspective our plans are focused on being able to reach brands and advertising agencies that are best positioned to be utilizing native advertisements for their campaigns.

Twitter Profile: @MindofSari

Company Twitter Profile: @StackAdapt

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