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Interview with Simon Peter of

Today I am presenting a 2nd interview today on the blog with Simon Peter who runs multiple online businesses, in this interview I asked him various questions about a gambling blog he runs.

Check out the interview:

  1. What got you interested in running a gambling blog? Share your story.

During my college years I desperately needed the money to fund my tuition.

I did not want to take out a hefty student loan and have that extra baggage for the next 10 – 25 years, but I ran out of money.

This is where I turned to online gambling. I intensively studied advantage gambling methods – the very same methods used by professional gamblers – .

After a lot of practice I managed to make a significant amount of money with a method called “casino whoring”.

I spent all the money I’ve earned on my college education and this allowed me to finish my studies debt-free.

To help other people, who wish to learn to make money gambling online, I have created the biggest collection of advantage gambling methods, which you can access on my gambling blog.

  1. How have you gone about marketing and attracting new visitors to your gambling blog?

Two years of hard work.

Before I quit my day job I was an online marketing professional working for one of the bigger online marketing agencies and we have worked with Fortune 500 companies.

I personally worked for 8 online casinos and 5 bitcoin casinos before I quit.

I will do not want to get into the details but let’s just say, that marketing a gambling blog is REALLY HARD work and takes a lot of time.

  1. What ways are you monetizing your site? What’s working for you?

I just have a few banner ads on my site.
Not too many, I hate ads just as much as the next guy.

I see them as a necessary evil.

If you have many visitors a few ads is enough.

  1. How do you stand out from others in your niche doing the same thing?

I simply do not lie. That’s it.

I’m doing this 100% ethically.

Most gambling blogs will tell you that:

  • do this and win $ [x] ,
  • buy my ebook of “secret winning strategies” and win every time
  • or tell you that you can make money gambling without using advantage gambling methods

These are simply just lies. I tell it how it is. The full picture.

I concentrate on the mathematical aspects of gambling and advantage gambling methods and give real advice, I even have 3 house edge and return calculators (coded myself) on the website to help people.

  1. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?”

I want to reach 100 K monthly unique visitors before the end of the year. Right now it1s 70 – 80 K per month, which is pretty good considering the niches I’ve chosen.

It will take a lot of work to get there, fingers crossed J.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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