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Matt Anton Explains SEO Benefits of SafeRankBacklinks

Today I am presenting another written interview with Matt Anton. Matt is an Online marketer that has just released updates for his major product, SafeRankBacklinks, which is a guaranteed SEO Matt_Anton_32rank increase service in Google

Check out the interview:

1. How did you get started with online marketing and SEO? Share your story.

I first got started with online marketing when my brother, Dan Anton asked me if I wanted to create a Social Network for Gamers back in 2006. At the time I was living in my parents basement and not doing much with my life but going through the motions. This question gave me a spark of inspiration to devote myself to understanding everything about promoting a website. At one point I was manually copy/pasting emails from forums because I didn’t know what SEO was at the time

2. Tell us about your product SafeRankBacklinks, how does it work?

SafeRankBacklinks is really the cumulation of knowledge, skill, software, and virtual assistants, along with a $100,000+ infrastructure. It’s a service that puts the risk on the agency and not the client. If you don’t rank after 60 days, you get a refund. It’s an auto pilot solution; enter your url and keywords and we do the rest

3. Do you have any examples of ranking boosts you can share that your tool has helped achieve?

Yes and no. We are happy to showcase personal websites of ours that have ranked but we will never reveal a clients main website without their express consent. Our proof is in the thousands of marketing agencies that use us everyday to rank their clients. With reseller pricing, our largest consumer of our SEO products are web designers and marketing agencies that resell to local doctors, laywers, and plumbers.

4. How have you gone about promoting your tool and what’s working for you?

SafeRankBacklinks has very little advertising, but has grown to be one of our largest services. This is because once a web designer sees it working for one client, they add the rest (very easy dashboard can add unlimited campaigns). This has led to a few dozen campaigns turning into a few hundred within a short period of time.

5. What are your future plans for 2015 and beyond?

Do what works but don’t chase the algorithm. Our goal with SafeRankBacklinks is to utilize every possible near/long term strategy while avoiding the shiny objects of the day and sacrificing tomorrow’s gold for today’s silver. We are very excited to continue growing and fine tuning this service.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

One reply on “Matt Anton Explains SEO Benefits of SafeRankBacklinks”

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Matt Anton and Dan Anton are off the rail scammers.

You should research before you give people like Matt Anton air time.

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