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Interview with Eduardo Arellano – Professional Business Coach

Today I present another written interview with Eduardo Arellano. Eduardo is professional in-company trainer and executive coach specializing in leadership, soft-skills and executive skills. He is based in Europe but works internationally for large enterprise and internationally recognized institutions. Check out his site here.

Check out the interview:

1. What got you interested in coaching and training others? Share your story.

Well, my first contact with coaching was way back in 1996/97 with a boss I had back then. He was absolutely great! He wasn’t a “certified coach” or anything like that but he used many of the techniques used in coaching just as part of the way he was. He was so completely different from any other manager I had ever had and I learned so much from him, that I wanted to BE like him. And so began a lifetime of research into personal development and personal triumph. And its from that research and experience that I came upon coaching in the early 2000s. I  was instantly hooked! And the rest, as they say, is history.

2. What are 2-3 of the most challenging things you find most clients are dealing with when trying to build their brand or business?

Here in Spain more so than anywhere, else the struggle is with limiting beliefs. Now I guess that this is also true for clients in other parts of the world, particularly European clients but more so for the ones here. My clients come to me when things have gotten soooo bad that they can’t come up with any more answers or ideas to get their business back on track or to get their startup off to a running start. They fail to see the greatness within themselves and fail to see that they really do have all the answers right inside their heads. They just need to stop thinking that they don’t.

Another challenge I come across often is “mediocre thinking”. They just don’t think BIG enough or far enough into the future to make their dream (business) come true. One of the biggest parts of my work is getting my clients to visualize the success they really want. And when I say visualize, I mean see it, feel it, breath it, taste it, etc. It never ceases to amaze me how difficult this is for people and the amazing results just this one little step gets. If you think you can or you think you can’t, your right either way.

Now, I know you might have wanted a bit more “nuts and bolts” challenges but when you begin to dive into what a challenge really is for someone, you realize that it has more to do with their belief system or the way they look at the challenge rather than the challenge itself. I’ve made far more headway with clients by just working them through their limiting beliefs and getting them to SEE success in their heads than with any other approach I’ve tried.

For all the readers out there, just remember this: YOU make your own reality and your business will reflect that reality. Dig deep and question your belief system and let yourself SEE the success you want. A good coach will help you work through this. That’s what we are here for!

3. How do you create awareness for your services? What has been working best for you?

Well, I’ve just started a Youtube Channel, Coach Talk TV, and surprisingly it’s working quite well. I’ve also been quite surprised how well LinkedIn has been working lately. I really struggled with LinkedIn for the longest. I just didn’t “get it” but now, for me it’s turning into quite a good source of business. You really do have to get involved, though, in different groups and discussions but once people start to get to know you, opportunities pour in. This last point isn’t just for LinkedIn either it’s in general as well. Get out there. Talk to people, even if it’s virtually but you to be in front of people as much as possible. Don’t think of how much work it might be but instead think of what it will cost you if you don’t!

4. What are major changes you have seen after working with your clients, what would be a couple “wins” you could share after working with others?

Well, probably my most satisfying accomplishment recently has been a client who was trying to get a video game ( launched but was struggling to keep the whole project on track. This is great guy with brains and talent but who was getting beat down at every turn and this was really affecting him and his performance. In just a few sessions we got him back on track by setting clear and measurable actions (the goal was already clear) and by working through some of the limiting beliefs he was holding onto. I am pleased to say that the game was launched just a few days ago and only a tiny bit off schedule, which for a project like this is absolutely amazing!

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

For 2014 I have set a goal of doubling my coaching “reach” through a unique teleconferencing system that will allow me to help far more people than I would otherwise be able to in person. Keep an eye out for that by signing up to my newsletter ( Also, by the end of 2015 I expect to be a regular on the TEDx circuit with my first talk before the end of this year. This is what I mean by being infront of as many people as you can. Get out there NOW and show people the greatness you have inside and opportunity will FIND YOU!

To get your life or business back on track, Ed can be reached at [email protected] to schedule one on one coaching sessions.

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