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Interview with Alex Booth of – Pay Per User Acquisition

Today I am presenting another interview with Alex Booth of, a new pay per user platform.

Check out the interview:

1. What got you interested in starting Share your story.

After developing web apps for years and years it became obvious that creating a fantastic service for people to use is only half the story, getting people to it is the other. My love for developing the code behind projects then turned towards the marketing side of things. So now I focus most of my time helping people drive traffic that converts into users rather than working on heavy development. I think back to the times when I could have had much more success with previous projects which I sold on if I had knew what I do now and this is what is all about.

2. How does your business differ from traditional PPC, CPC type advertising?

With PPC you agree to pay for a click of your advert, CPM is almost the same but you pay per impression. With the PPU system we (PPU and the website owner) agree to a fair acquisition rate that you would pay per new user to your web app and then you only pay this amount for each new user. For people who don’t have marketing experience this means that if your advert don’t get clicks, or these clicks then don’t even turn into registrations you wont lose out and have to pay out for a wasted marketing budget. We absorb the costs involved in experimentation and maintaining the marketing plan in the hopes of a long term partnership that benefits both us and our client.

3. Do you find many clients you work with were making mistakes with prior PPC campaigns, landing pages, ad copy etc?

Mistakes are great! Im sure you are now thinking im crazy. Mistakes are needed to learn from, we have to make mistakes. Its then what you learn from these mistakes that make an advertising campaign successful. We have looked into Adwords accounts that are losing money in the past and within 5 minutes of going through stats we can see profitable channels available that the owner wouldn’t have. We would then take your mistakes (or experiment ourselves) and carry on in the right direction constantly looking for opportunities for growth.

4. Could you see your model working across multiple businesses types? Let’s say I wanted new clients for my Web Agency and SEO business. Would the “per user” model work or is it more for membership style businesses?

We are more than happy to take on any project. We have experience in many fields and could work out a pricing system for gaining new clients and even bringing back previous ones to use your service or buy your products again.

5. What are your future plans for 2015 and beyond?

I think 2015 will see us expand our clients list greatly as well as take on new team members. Another area we would like to expand is our network of owned websites that we use to drive visitors to our clients websites to convert into users, this would dramatically reduce costs and increase the quality of the new users.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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