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Rustie Macdonald On Motivational Speaking

421724_367490679947620_1226413156_nToday I present another written interview with Rustie Macdonald, she is a LifeCoach, podcast host, blogger and motivational speaker. I have not had many people on the show who were speakers or specifically motivational speakers so I decided to ask Rustie a few questions about her story and motivational speaking in general.

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Check out the interview:

1. How did you stumble upon motivational speaking as something you started doing to help others? Share your story.

I actually DID stumble on speaking. I have always been afraid of the stage but have always found many opportunities to be on one. As a Special Ed Teacher, as a Coach, as a mentor, as a trainer….I have always been in the front. I am down to earth and real. People enjoy my easy way of teaching. Most do not realize they are learning. So, to transition into a motivational speaker was easy.

2. What do you enjoy most about being a motivational speaker?

I enjoy the looks when they finally get it. That Cathartic moment when they realize how cool they really are and all of the work that is being done to heal. I love that. The surprise, the tears, the hugs. Of course, I love the laughter too.

3. What are 3 tips you could provide for people who need motivation to succeed in business or their life in 2014?

Focus on Goal, Deny the Nay Sayers and dig deep because the trip from A-Z can offer some bruises, bumps and maybe stitches. But it will be all worth it if you follow your heart.

4. What has worked best for you to reach a bigger audience for your blog and radio show?

80% of Marketing is Word of Mouth. Whether its negative or positive, people love to share themselves and what they do. So, its been amazing to have so many people share what I do and all that I am able to bring to the table. I have learned so much and am working harder to keep interest. PLUS, I have had some AMAZING people on my show. I feel really blessed.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

2014 has all ready proved to be an amazing year! My assistant has received over a hundred requests for people to be on the show and more are pouring in. I have started to VLOGG and BLOGG. I am on a few TV shows and my hopes is my book will finally be out. I am so happy that this is as chaotic, crazy, wonderful and amazing ride. I am glad I have been put in a position that allows others to heal, challenge and learn to love who they really are.

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