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Meet Tyson Downs Of Titan Web Agency

Meet Tyson Downs of I’m posting another written interview today where I ask Tyson some great SEO questions about various topics.

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1. What got you interested in providing SEO services online?

I worked in the corporate world with small-medium businesses, so I had a background in consultative selling. I have always had an interest in marketing, so it’s just kind of something that I naturally was attracted to.  I was intrigued with how small businesses would market themselves (or not market themselves) and the different strategies and techniques used.

2. Where do you see the state of SEO going in 2014? A lot of people often times make the statement “SEO Is Dead” What are your thoughts for the future?

SEO, like anything else technology or internet related has been evolving over time. It will continue to evolve.  Nobody knows exactly how. We have suspicions that in the future, the search engines will continue to place more weight on factors that prove you are a real and legitimate business. Are you a member of different associations? Do you put you valuable content that others can benefit from? Is your business sending good consistency signals (meaning is your name/address/phone consistency pretty much anywhere online). Do you have ‘fans’? Are people talking about you online? Are people interested in what you have to say? (Social Media).  Can your website be read well? I don’t think it will be much more different than now, BUT, it may be harder to ‘game the system’.

3. If you were to recommend a training course or program for people to learn SEO in 2014, what would you recommend and why?

I am heavily involved in education when it comes to SEO. Things change so much, it’s imperative to be on top of these changes. There are also nice little techniques that can be used to increase online exposure for a client, so I make sure I stay on top of my game as much as possible. For Beginners, Neil Patel offers a good SEO course. For linkbuilding, I really like Eric Ward’s book, as well as the course from Point Blank SEO.

4. What are some of the most common mistakes you see website owners make with their websites when it comes to SEO?

There’s so many. And I don’t mean this in a day way. They know their business. They are business owners, whether that is a doctor, dentist, painter, lawyer, or whatever. They know their business. But not so much SEO. The biggest mistake I see is trying to do it themselves, or hiring a web designer to build their site that has no idea about SEO. SEO has to be thought of from the beginning when building a site, if it isn’t, it can cause issues with ranking your site.

5. In 2014 and beyond what are your goals and future plans for your business?

My goal is to grow my business, Titan Web Agency to a recognized brand. To be seen as somebody who knows their stuff and who has 1 goal-to get results for their clients.

I am launching a couple authority sites in the near future, one of them I am working on now, DoctorProfiles. I plan on getting that fully launched 1st quarter of this year. It will be an authoritative citation and directory for doctors from all specialties. People will be able to search for a doctor, review a doctor, and more. Doctors will be able to add blog posts, videos, and more. I’m extremely excited about it.



By John-Shea

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