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Interview with Daniel Rosenfield Of MagicGenieApps

I am presenting a 2nd interview on the blog today with Daniel Rosenfield Of MagicGenieApps.

Check out the interview:

1. What got you interested in developing Android apps? Share your story.

I was a mortgage broker tired of working 12 hour days at the office. I saw that someone I knew was making good $$ by making apps and generating revenue from the ads in the apps, so I begged him to teach me how to make apps and create revenue from the apps

2. Tell us about MagicGenieApps, how does it work and why should people use it to create an Android app?

This product is a web based software that I created that is able to take a live motion GIF image (and soon to be video mp4 and 3D cube images) and turn it into a workable android APK file that you can upload into google play or any of the other 30 android market platforms. Our software creates the APK file, with the option of you being able to add in a choice of up to 12 different ad networks for quick revenue…and then simply upload the app and revenue is generating in a matter of hours

3. How have you about marketing MagicGenieApps and what’s working for you?

I am mainly marketing this website to users android developers who want a cheaper and quicker solution to making cash making apps quickly–also is good for beginners who have no programming experience and want to make apps quick without having to hire developer–its for any one who wants to make cash with apps quickly and effeciently

4. Where do you see the future of mobile app development going?

I think more and more users will be using apps for many different types of daily activities and its going to be the norm of the future—people use their phones more than there computers–it is simply a daily normal use so why not adapt and create something people can make and upload quickly—live image aps and wallpaper apps are fun as people love them as screen savers–people do nto delete screen savers as they like options for their phone—we are supplying a demand that people want.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

My plans are to expand this android app generator and add in new and cool app making features that will give the uiser the ability to choose between different types of apps they want to generate

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By John-Shea

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