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Interview with Tara of SunFoodYoga

Today I am presenting another written interview with Tara, founder of Sunfoodyoga. Tara was influenced by the meditative arts as a young child when she lived in a spiritual community in India, called “Auroville”. Her journey has led her to travel and study with many great yoga teachers and enlightened masters. Teaching yoga and sharing her healing skills is a joy and a privilege for her.

Tara has over 30 years of experience with yoga and natural healing methods. Since 2006 she brings her expertise in an exquisite workshop or retreat format and now also through on-line courses to experience the healing effect of a nutrient-rich living foods diet in combination with a deep spiritual practice.

Check out the interview:

1. What got you interested in teaching yoga and starting Share your story.

I started learning yoga from my mother when i was a young girl, we lived in India in that time in a spiritual community, so I learned also the spiritual side of yoga at a very young age and how to meditate, which helped me very much when my mother died and i was only 8 years old. the practice of meditation helped me a lot during my childhood, it was my way to connect with source and so to say also with my mother.

After this my journey has led me to study with many great yoga teachers and masters and I knew that this was what I was meant to be sharing with others because it brought me so much peace of mind, balance and groundedness at the same time.  In all the retreats that I have done over the last 30 years i always found the yoga very inspiring but the food often to heavy, as I was already eating a very light yogic diet and mostly raw food I felt to combine these two in a retreat form where people can recharge and come into there “Pure Radiance” through healthy eating, being in nature and striving an a light yogic mostly raw food diet enhanced with Superfoods, that in short is how I started SunFoodYoga, I now also give ‘Pure Radiance”online courses where I share all my knowledge in a downloadable from with yoga videos, meditations in mp3 from and lots of recipes from the Raw food and Ayurvedic cuisine, detox rituals all combined with a journey through the chakras.

2. How have you gone about promoting your site and what’s working for you?

I have been promoting my site mainly through linking with other sites a lot, and advertising on sites in my particular niche. a lot is through friends, family and word of mouth. What works best for me is writing more blogs

3. How often do you recommend others do yoga to see the benefits of it?

I recommend yoga for nearly everyone, except when there are some serious physical problems. Any yoga practice can be adjusted to your needs. It does not have to be difficult and gives benefit on so much levels

4. Of all the benefits achieved from doing yoga, what would you say is your #1 reason for doing yoga on a regular basis?

My number one reason for doing yoga is it keeps me young and supple.

5. What are your future plans for 2015 and beyond?

My future plans for 2015 and beyond are creating more online retreats where I guide people to do yoga and detoxes at home

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