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Today I am presenting another written interview with Kim Bass. Kim has 30 years of experience of working with beverage, cosmetic, fashion, beauty, golf and food industry clients, Kim has the skill set to work with businesses large and small Kim_Bass_Resume_photowith event production, marketing, public relations, promotions staffing, brand-building strategies and fundraising.

Check out the interview:

1. You have a great niche in that you work with your colleagues of 30 years in the Beauty Pageant and Fashion industry, how did you get started?  

I’ve got several beauty and fashion industry street creds…I founded a prestigious modeling competition where the overall winners were flown into New York City and escorted by me to be seen by some of the top Modeling Agencies. For 12 years I worked with the Miss Universe Organization (owned by Donald Trump and NBC Universal), where I organized the New York and New Hampshire state pageants – The Miss New York USA and Miss New Hampshire USA Pageants and worked with the titleholders that you have seen over the years on the Nationally Televised MISS USA Pageants. I’ve helped launch the careers of people you have seen on the cover of fashion magazines, national commercials, soap operas, as news commentators, authors, fashion models, actors and gigs on some of the reality television shows.

2. What are some ways you have helped brands or businesses?  

With 30 years of experience and having the opportunity to work with extraordinary people who set the bar pretty high, I learned to bring my A game to every project I was involved in. I have the skill set to work with businesses large and small with event production, marketing, public relations, promotions staffing, brand-building strategies and fundraising.

3. How do your services stand out from others who provide similar solutions? What makes you unique? 

If you contact other firms similar to mine, it’s likely your initial meeting will be with a principal in the company, but when the work begins, other firms often pass along the work to be handled by an intern, but that is NOT the case with my company. I work closely with all of my clients. I set-up a strategic plan and work on it personally. As the owner of the company, Bass Enterprises Productions LLC, I have the ability to tailor services for my clients based on their particular needs. I can also handle work that needs to be done for a client in every state across the country. For example, if one of my clients needs a project executed in Arkansas, I can pick up the phone and tap into strong connections I have made with every state in the country (think of the Miss USA Pageant…my colleagues have been the State Directors for every state in the country)

4. How have you gone about marketing your services and what’s working for you?

I tap into networking with the great relationships I’ve built with decision makers in the industry and colleagues I’ve had the honor to work with in my 30 years in the Beauty Pageant and Fashion industry.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond? 

My plan is to work with clients that contact me because they “Get It”. Clients that understand what it means to have someone with my experience and connections work with them and their brand. With an understanding that a brand is not a company logo or a tagline, but much more than that.  A brand is a unique combination of a company’s values, image, products and personality, so to speak. I want to personally and carefully handle and help facilitate the image the public has of a company or it’s products or services. And in the process help them to generate more sales, because strong sales are important to almost every business.  Contact Kim at for: Branding, Marketing,  Promotions Staffing, In-Store Brand-Building,  Event Product Sampling by Influencers, Sponsorship Collaboration, Special Event Signage (banners, red carpet with repeat media backdrop)


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