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Interview with Jason Pearsall, co-founder of Golfer

Today I am presenting another written interview with Jason¬†Pearsall who is the co-founder of Golfer. Before co-founding Golfler, Jason served as the President of Performance Personal WORK_PICComputers, where he managed the company‚Äôs operations and legal affairs through an acquisition. Jason went on to pursue a law degree from Wayne State University where he was recognized as a Carl Ziemba Scholar. After graduating law school, Jason accepted a position as a corporate counsel for Nexteer Automotive a $2.5B multi-national automotive supplier. Jason served as the legal staff’s project manager through an IPO on the HKse and managed corporate governance, IP, and commercial transactions/disputes.

Check out the interview:

1. How did you get involved with Golfer as a start-up? Share your story.

Applications tend to focus on getting users first and developing a business model second. The Founders of Golfler recognized that this was the precise problem for the existing mobile golf application market. While they offer pick-up, our competition sells a custom mobile application to golf courses for tens of thousands of dollars and hasn’t yet figured out how to efficiently deliver food to a golfers present location. Our solution was to develop an application that linked golfers with golf courses in a way that is mutually beneficial. Golfer’s have free access to GPS, weather updates and communication with the golf course through a message center. However uniquely, Golfler offers delivery to a golfer’s present location.

2. Tell us more about Golfer and how it improves someones golf game?

Golfler improves a players score by offering an ultra-efficient GPS application that provides accurate distance tracking. However more importantly, Golfler improves a golfer’s experience as a customer. Golfler’s proprietary technology enables a course to track each users “pace of play” and to respond to issues by messaging a ranger to eliminate bottlenecks. We also enable courses to respond to customer demand by identifying trends in local, regional and national trends in spending. Of course, Golfer’s also have access to a courses kitchen while golfing which has received great feedback from the golfing community who seemingly would rather rush to hole ten than to wait for food at the turn.

3. How do your products stand out from others on the market? What makes them unique?

Golfler App has acquired the Western Australia based company, “Ninja Caddie” and is currently developing improved features and a sleek interface in a mobile application that is ultra-energy efficient and has an add-free range-finding GPS. Golfler will also include weather updates, a messaging center and the world’s first scalable on-demand food and drink ordering system for delivery while playing golf as well as for pick-up at the turn.

4. Of all the companies you’ve been involved with, what is your biggest accomplishment so far?

That’s a tough one. I served as Nexteer Automotive’s legal project manager through an IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange and sold my first start-up, Performance PC, in 2010. While these were personal accomplishments that took a great deal of effort, having the courage to pursue my dream by developing has been the most rewarding.

5. What are your future plans for 2015 and beyond?

Golfler is highly scalable and requires no up-front fees for courses. A mix between GrubHub and Golf Now, Golfler only takes a commission from increased order volume that a golf course receives through the Golfler platform. As such, the entire Golfler team looks forward to aggressively expanding in golf hot-spots throughout the United States, starting in Michigan this summer and then beyond. We believe with full confidence that the sky is the limit for Golfler.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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