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Interview with Bronson Quon, First Vice President and Controller at LERETA

Today I am presenting another written interview with Bronson Quon, who is the First Vice President and Controller at LERETA. You can learn more about Bronson at his site hereBronson-Quon-Profile

  1. Bronson Quon – What got you interested in Accounting?

During my first two years in college, I had not yet selected a concentration for my business major.  I had several conversations with a friend of mine (and former roommate), who was majoring in Accounting.  These discussions led me down the path of selecting Accounting, as it would provide the best overall understanding of business in general, since every transactions runs through cash!  Since I was a kid, I always wanted to work in a tall skyscraper, so working in public accounting at a Big 5 firm (Big 5 back in the early 2000’s) in downtown Los Angeles would do the trick!

  1. What was your first accounting position and how did it set you up for success?

My first accounting position was actually a 6-month co-op (internship) within the Consumer Products division of The Walt Disney Company in Burbank, CA.  My experience here was in the Financial Reporting & Analysis department, which consolidated all Disney retail stores world-wide.  I was able to work with many professionals of varying backgrounds, including an Arthur Andersen consultant who was in our department.   Working closely with him as well as others in the group, I confirmed that I wanted my career to be in Accounting.  I wanted to be like them!

  1. What have you done to network and create new opportunities for yourself, Bronson Quon?

Over the years, I have worked hard to improve my interpersonal skills and to be as visible as possible.  In the past, I have attended trade conferences, conducted trainings and joined groups to stay connected.  Through public accounting, there was also significant exposure to new clients, new professionals at the firm, and an effort was made to maintain relationships with many of them.

  1. What are some things people should be aware of when picking an accounting service?

When picking an accounting service, it is always a good idea to seek referrals or identify firms through word of mouth.  Reviewing testimonies and online reviews are also important, as hearing what others have to say about their experiences with a particular firm can have a strong impact on your decision.

By John-Shea

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