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Interview with Dawn Hunter, owner of Radiant Medspa

Today I’m presenting another written interview with Dawn Hunter, owner of Radiant Medspa. Lots of these questions were requested by the interviewee.

Check out the interview:

1. Skin care creams are so confusing. There’s so many different claims and price points. Generally, what is the difference between a drug store skin cream, and one from a medspa?

Medical spa generally carry brands called cosmeceuticals that have some prescriptive strength in the ingredients. The products are more treatment and result oriented and have to prove efficacy and have higher standards. Over the counter products have no regulations from the FDA that make them adhere to prove they work. You pay for a lot of marketing and packaging.

2. If a person has large pores. What can be done about them?

Large pores happen for two reasons. Oily skin or aging skin. Once the pore is large the treatment options are generally fractional laser , medium depth peels and fillers for deeper more ice pick pores.

3. Will I have better skin if I perform regular facials?

Yes. Absolutely and adding in home care, lasers and peels.

4. Should I put on my sunscreen first, and then moisturize, or moisturizer first, and then sunscreen?

The best sunscreen has moisturizers in it so should be one step. I prefer a serum first then sunscreen moisturizer.

5. How can I get rid of deep vertical lines just above my lip?

Depends how deep they are. Botox, Fillers and Fractional laser are my go to treatments.

6. I have dark skin, so do I still need sunscreen?

Yes. To prevent hyper pigmentation and skin cancer like any other skin type.

7. How can I get rid of spider veins on my spider legs?

Depends on how deep they are and what kind of veins. Some can be treated with IPL laser others need more invasive treatment.

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