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Interview with Gunnar Andreassen of

Today I present another written interview with Gunnar Andreassen of

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1. What got you interested in starting a website that provides fonts to others?

It was actually by accident, I designed a font called Gunnar, and submitted it on, the previous owner asked if I was interested in buying the site. I love graphic design, free fonts and I really liked the site so I said yes.

2. How have you gone about monetizing a site like this? How do you make revenue with it?

I am monetizing traffic with Google AdSense, however this is not easy, you need lots of traffic to generate revenue, thousands every day. So my main object is generating traffic by building links and online buzz about the site.

3. What have you done to stand out from other sites that also provide fonts?

The site is easy to navigate, looks good and it’s really easy to download a font, you just click on a download button, no registration is required to download the free fonts. Also, the site is updated daily with new fonts.

4. Was it free to share most fonts or was there any copyrights you needed to obtain in order to provide these fonts for free? has a standard set of free fonts but font designers, font foundries and typography geeks submit fresh fonts so my site now has tens of thousands of free fonts. There are actually many different free font license types, but all fonts are free.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

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