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Interview with Jamie Spencer on Flipping Blogs for Profit

Today I am presenting another written interview with Jamie Spencer who has successfully sold various blogs online for profit.jamiespencer2

Checkout the interview:

1. What got you interested in blogging and flipping websites?

The main reason for getting into blogging and selling websites was the fact I was tired of living the 9 to 5. I decided the best way to escape this so that I could live out in the countryside with my young daughter and my wife was to make a living online.

I have blogged for several years but mainly as a hobby, a few years ago I made certain to take my blogging more professionally and as such

2. What makes your blogs so valuable to others?

The biggest value of my blog are my readers. So I listen to them and answer their queries and issues I will often ask questions to my mailing list or use a tool such as Qualaroo to survey opinions.

But before I have an established audience I will write articles based on Google searches for questions: for example How to make a Paracord Bracelet gets over 12000 search per month in Google. If you are in the Survival niche you might want to look into that! I find that traffic from organic search (Google/Bing) is the best quality for growing my blog.

3. Do you have any specific marketplaces you prefer to sell your blog?

I generally avoid marketplaces for selling my websites as I find that many of the buyers are less sophisticated and often do not have the means to pay over $50k for a website investment.

I generally tend to work with a website broker to find the right buyer at the right price, it may mean losing 10-15% of the sale price, and take a little longer but having a professional broker makes life a lot easier and there are clear contracts in place about what is expected of both the seller and the buyer.

4. Have any tips to share that have helped you build really successful blogs?

My biggest two tips for growing a money making blog are:

  • Start building an email list as soon as possible. If you focus on building a mailing list and keeping in constant communication with your audience you will be able to start making money from your blog very quickly. You should aim to be making over $1 per subscriber per month from your blog whether that is selling your own products or promoting affiliate offers. If you can get a list of 5000 people together you can easily make over $5,000 per month if you are doing the right things – once you’re regularly making over $5,000 per month you have a $100,000 blog.
  • Leech authority, a lot of bloggers will tell you the best way to get traffic and subscribers to your blog is to do guest blogging. I found this to be a terrible way to get new subscribers. I actually found approaching bloggers/experts who had an audience already and having them do an interview on my site or write a post for me meant that their followers came to my site in greater numbers.

5. What are your future plans for 2015 and beyond?

For 2015 I have two websites that I am launching the first is, I am going to be focusing in on teaching people how they can start a blog and make a living from blogging professionally.

The second site I am working on right now and hope to launch very soon is which is dedicated to SEO tools and software. The site will have in-depth tutorials and expert reviews of all the best SEO products out there today.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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