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Interview with Jon on Fetch Virginia

Today I am presenting another written interview with Jon who is the owner of Fetch Virginia a restaurant delivery service.

Check out the interview:

1. What gave you the idea to start Fetch Virginia? Share your story.

I actually had the idea randomly one evening when my girlfriend wanted something besides pizza or chinese and I didn’t want to go out in the sleet and snow. I literally had no business model and just ran with it.

2. What makes your platform different from someone simply going to their favorite restaurant’s website and ordering directly from them?

Our business model is very different. we deliver for the restaurants that don’t deliver. We take many stresses off of them and we come with many many benefits. We are a cloud-based company that is more technologically inclined than any of our competitors in the state. We learned to run very lean. When we started we had a 3 story office right in the heart of our city. We realized we didn’t need all that and now we are finishing q4 with record numbers!

3. How have you gone about approaching restaurants to join you on your platform? How does that work?

locally in Roanokes market, we’re not really approaching restaurants anymore. We’ve created a brand that restaurants want to get on. A lot of restaurants understand that it’s really just extra money in their pocket. We’ve made some of our restaurant’s over $30,000 in less than 9 months…extra money. their chef is already in the kitchen and the to-go boxes are just sitting there, we’re putting them to use. It’s not about getting on with Fetch anymore. It’s about not being left behind while your competitors are on. we provide a great deal of brand recognition for these restaurants. We don’t only make them money from deliveries, a lot of times customers will see them on our site and just decide to go pick it up. a lot of times customers didn’t know that restaurant existed.

4. How do you monetize this platform and what’s working for you?

Well I’ll just say we’ve created multiple revenue streams by always interacting with our customers to see what they’d like, to see how we can be a better convenience in their life. Fetch is valuable for one reason, we’re convenient. If that goes away then we will lose customers. That’s why it’s important to always make sure your a quality service, always trying to strive for nothing less than perfect.

5. What are your plans to expand this business model in 2015?

As my staff, our clients, and myself have immersed ourselves in this business we have looked less at expanding outwards and have put more emphasis on our depth. Our marketing plan consisted of spreading like a blanket of snow and hitting everything around us but now we feel we need to be more like rain. We need to saturate everything instead of hitting it on the surface. If we’re delivering to the hospital and our customers are people on the second floor, we need to make sure the first floor, third floor, four floor, and fifth floor know about us too. If you’re ordering then we need to make sure your whole streets ordering. In short we want to be a household name before we decide to move to another city. We figure with our newest marketing plan we’ll be able to expand to Virginia Tech by q3 or the end of July.


By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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