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Interview with Salman Altaf on Blog Promotion & Sales

Today I am presenting another written interview with Salman Altaf who is a Business leader with the ability to grow all aspects of sales. A proven entrepreneur and a business developer.FullSizeRender

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1. What got you interested in entrepreneurship? Share your story.

Since my childhood, I had great interest in computer’s. I started my carrier as a computer hacker but after a few months I realised that I should change my field and I started working online as a freelancer. I started taking marketing projects and after completing almost 300 projects as a freelancer I thought to move further and then I started my own small businesses online and became an entrepreneur. It was the best thing happened to me and I started to know many things and it helped me a lot to get stable financially as well.

2. What types of clients do you work with when it comes to sales? What is that like?

I usually work with companies, celebrities and politicians. They buy online services from me directly through my web stores. I’ve automated web stores where I offer services and the services are automatically provided to the clients. Everything is on autopilot and enjoy having sales now. The client get to know about my website through google since I’ve a lot of keywords ranked on google already.

HSBC, John Harun Mwau, HBSON, Wrike, Checklist solutions, Sherlyn Chopra and a lot of big monsters buy services from my web stores.

3. How have you gone about promoting your blog and what’s working for you?

The best way to promote a blog is to generate traffic through google and social media and it worked really well for me till last week but in a recent update Penguin 3.0 I was hit by big G and also social media isn’t working as it was working before so I’m not into it for now but I’ll be back on path soon once things get stable.

4. What is the hardest thing about making sales for you?

I found optimisation the hardest part to generate sales. I’ve to spend thousands of dollars on the SEO of the websites and there are always high chances of getting penalised on google whenever there is a change in its algorithm. Recently I got hit by Penguin 3.0 and my money site was badly effected.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

I’m planning to work on two new projects in 2015. One of them will be purely to help people and the other one is a money site which will be my main focus in 2015. I’m going to introduce a lot of new features in my money site and I’ll be disclosing it soon.

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