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Interview with Pierre Coombes, managing director of the leading pre-sales company Big Wolf Marketing

Today I am presenting another written interview with Pierre Coombes. Pierre is one of the world’s leading authorities on Pre-sales (Telemarketing), working with many of IT & Finance sectors Managing_Director_Pierre_Coombeslargest brands. Entrepreneur & Author Pierre, is managing director of Big Wolf Marketing who are a specialist Appointment setting agency helping companies small and large to achieve their sales potential.

Check out the interview:

1. What got you interested in creating a company that offers telemarketing services?

I’ve always been very passionate about business, even when I was a school I was selling things to my class mates, entrepreneurship is a trait I get from my dad and my family in general. What I’ve always been good at is marketing, in-fact one client calls me their ‘Business Sales Spin Doctor’ because I understand their services and potential market and have consistently them exceed their sales goals. Turning perceptions and creating a qualified need really gives me a buzz, the simple ability to articultae and persuade, I simply thrive on the close. Telemarketing as a business felt natural, so many people do it wrong, and that’s why, quite simply I wanted to start an agency and lead a team that do it right.

2. How large is your team, what type of volume can your team handle?

The business is still fairly new, yet our growth is outstanding. We’re currently a team of 10 telemarketers, each with specialist areas. The main core of our business is large corporate campaigns, but we also love to work with small and growing companies too help them lift of. When it comes to volume of clients and work, we focus more on delivering quality, that’s meant that we’ve had to turn down projects in that past, we’re different perhaps to most agencies who will simply outsource to fellow agencies, if we can’t accommodate the project we wont take it on.

3. What are some of the largest challenges your team faces when it comes to making telemarketing calls on behalf of other companies?

Challenges are natural and every company, team and individual will face them at different points, and that’s why we have a strong focus on training and support. We involve the best of the best and I’m proud of the telemarketing selection process we have in place, this means our specialists are experts and being challenged and succeeding with campaigns is what they do.

4. Do you have any examples of success stories your company can share?

We recently worked with a New York based accountancy software company, who where looking to explore the UK market, since working with them as their sole UK sales force, we have aided them to secure over 1.3 million in UK contracts, and we continue to support them in their sales appointment needs.

5. What are your future plans for 2015 and beyond?

Being short and sweet, more of the same, I hope 2015 will further secure us as a leading B2B Telemarketing agency. We’ve also been nominated for more business awards, so 2015 is certainly a window to watch with us. Check out bigwolfmarketing for more news updates.

By John-Shea

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

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