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Today I am presenting another interview with Hugh Rollinson. Hugh is an online entrepreneur who specializes in generating personal injury leads for accident claims lawyers in the UK. His website helps to generate thousands of pounds worth of business for accident claims lawyers each month, and he’s made a name for himself in this particular online niche. His websites target particular accident claim types in the UK, and then connect up potential claimants with law firms using tracked phone calls and a dedicated call center. He has to keep ahead of the game in what is an ever changing landscape and competitive area. He specializes in free traffic using SEO and other online traffic generating methods.

1. What got you interested in helping clients with personal injury claims? Share your story.

After I graduated from law school I ended up working for various law firms in the UK, and in particular those in the personal injury and accident claims industry. When you work for someone, there can always be a temptation to think that you can do things better. It was like that for me so I increased my online marketing knowledge then left to form my own website which is the

2. In terms of SEO, do you feel as though being very niche specific has allowed you to bring on more clients?

Completely. The accident claims industry as a whole is quite diverse due to the wide variety of accidents that can happen – as bad as that seems! Because of that it’s quite easy to focus in specific accident claims types and focus SEO and online marketing efforts into those areas, with the aim of attracting more clients.

3. What types of tactics are you using today for SEO? What’s working for you?

At the moment there’s a heavy focus on relationship building. We are always on the look-out for strategic partners that can help the Accident Claims Web improve its online visibility. This can things like sponsorship opportunities on community events, all the way through to being a preferred accident claims website for authority bloggers in the law niche.

4. Are you doing anything specific that is unique to this niche when it comes to helping clients acquire new business?

Yes, and we actually have two forms of client. We have the personal injury lawyers and accident claims firms that we partner with, but also the UK residents who are actively looking for free legal advice on accident claims. In terms of the end-user, e.g. the UK residents looking for accident claims advice, we work on a no win no fee agreement so there’s no financial risk to them when making an accident claim for personal injury.

5. Do you think you could easily help another business with lead generation in a completely different niche?

Oh I am not sure really! Law and in particular personal injury is in my blood so it would be difficult to focus in other areas at the moment – but never say never.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

To keep expanding the Accident Claims Web with more content and into other types of injury claims. We have quite a heavy focus at the moment on industrial injury compensation are working on a new SEO strategy to get that content higher up in Google so that we attract more potential clients. As you can see we put a lot of effort into the on-page content which should stand us in good stead for the future.

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