Traffic Generation

So you are on this page because you want to learn more about Traffic Generation. Here is my constantly growing list of resources I have found that will help you get traffic to your website.

Traffic Exchange – Real Basic, super easy way to get Free Traffic to your website or blog. This is mostly useful if you are looking to help boost your Alexa rank.

Guest Blogging – Here I’ve linked a post from a fellow named Tommy Walker. Tommy e-mailed me and shared this post with me, I thought it was appropriate for this topic. The idea of guest blogging is that you write a value & content packed blog post for another blog. If that blog has a solid traffic flow then you can really start to build relationships with others when they read your content. Not only will you be building a relationship with the owner of that blog, you will also be expanding your readership.

TweetAdder – Ok, I know this might fall more under social media but I know for a fact Ana Hoffman of uses TweetAdder as one of her primary sources of traffic. This is a very powerful tool if used properly you can gain a massive Twitter following over time, I see a consistent flow of traffic in Google Analytics reports from Twitter referrals.



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