The Testimonial Technique

 So what exactly is The Testimonial Technique?

The Testimonial Technique is a useful simple tactic anyone can use to provide value to others.

Have you ever found yourself reading reviews about products, services or working with others in general?

Creating written or video testimonials for other people is a powerful way to show your appreciation for their services or products.

Here is what you can do today to make a great impression on someone who has helped you.

  1. Use a Webcam to record a brief 1-2 minute video testimonial about a product, a service or just a general testimonial about how this person has helped you.
  2. Upload the video to YouTube
  3. E-mail the YouTube link to the person you created the testimonial for – Do this with 3 people
  4. Tell each person to also find 3 people and follow these same steps. You can refer them back to this page to follow the instructions.
  5. E-mail me at [email protected] and tell me exactly the positive results this created for you and I will feature results as a case study for others!
  6. An alternative would be to create a brief written testimonial

How did the person react when you sent them this video or written testimonial?

This is simple right? Do this with 3 people.

Here is an example of how this worked for me. I created a brief 2 minute testimonial for Mike Thomas about all the help he has provided to me with my blog. Mike replied to my e-mail, thanked me and then posted the testimonial at the end of his about page you can see here.

This was quick and simple and really helps build a good relationship while also providing value.

I give a lot of other awesome detailed examples of how this has personally helped others in my Ebook “The Power Of Testimonials & Building Relationships” You will receive a copy for free if you sign up for my mailing list here:

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