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Learn WordPress with Nick Bennet of

I’m publishing another written interview today. This is an interview with Nick Bennet, he runs the site His site is primarily for people who are looking to learn how to use WordPress.

When I initially started out with building WordPress sites it took me months to learn even some of the most basic tasks. Definitely worth checking out his content.

Here is the interview:
1. What got you interested in offering WordPress services online?

I am an entrepreneur at heart and my journey to becoming an independant marketing consultant began with WordPress. I fell it is the absolute best website platform to use for just about anyone. As an entrepreneur, I enjoy helping others get started with building a presence online and I feel providing WordPress services is the best way to do so.

2. How have you gone about promoting your services online? SEO, Social Media etc?

My promotion strategy has mostly revolved around content marketing, social media and SEO. I do some pay-per-click but providing high quality content that compels people to share it, is where I have found most of my success.

3. If you were to pick 3-4 of your top WordPress plugins for a blog, what would you choose and why?

WordPress SEO by Yoast – This is a fantastic SEO-based plugin that I highly recommend all WordPress users to install. It is comprehensive, built by a well-respected developer and is always improved upon. SEO is very important and this plugin will definitely help people with their on-site optimization.

Digg Digg or ShareThis – These are two great social media plugins that I use personally and recommend to clients. It is important to allow people to easily share your content. Having social media icons for your website is an absolute must these days and these two plugins are great options.

Limit Login Attempts – No website, regardless of platform, is 100% safe. However, you can use some best practices to fend off those would-be hackers. A simple solution is to limit the number of attempts someone can try when logging into your website. This plugin will help keep you safe from the highly commonplace “brute force” attacks hackers employ

4. What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced while running your online business?

When you run your own business, you are responsible for everything. Management of time and clients is always a challenge. It’s about opportunity cost and making good decisions about how you go about using your time and resources wisely.
5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

Growth. I want to continue to grow my business organically. To do so, I have to make sure to stay focuses on the core values and services of my business, and not stray away to other business ideas I always have popping up in my head.

If you are looking to learn WordPress check out Nick’s site