Written Interviews

Interview with Tim Schmitt, owner of Windblox

Today I present another Interview with Tim Schmitt, owner of Windblox:

1. What does Windblox do?

Windblox manufactures windscreens for convertible automobiles. A windscreen is a rigid shield you install behind the seat to block turbulence in the cockpit while driving with the top down.

2. What’s your biggest marketing challenge?

Figuring out the value of repeat customers. A windscreen, like a mortgage or real estate, is a purchase made every few years, so most of the marketing effort is on acquiring new customers. Yet, I’ve found a lot of value continuing to keep up a relationship with current customers, which surprisingly fosters a lot of word-of-mouth references. These convertible owners love to drive, and they love to talk about their sweet cars.

3. What is one mistake you made, and how did you recover from it?

Not understanding gender differences. I just though my customers wanted to know that windscreens made driving with the top down more comfortable. Instead, the men were much more interested in performance metrics, and women were worried about installation and color options. So, I created content to speak to both gender concerns.

4. What’s next for Windblox?

We’re always looking for new models to support. We have the Mercedes SLK R172 coming out and the next version of the Porsche Boxster. Both of these are fun cars?