Utilizing Virtual Assistants Around The Globe With Michelle Dale – Ep. 47

On today’s episode I had the opportunity to interview Michelle Dale who is the owner of Virtual Miss Friday, a platform used to serve clients all over the globe with virtual assistants for their businesses.

I’ve been intrigued by the idea of using Virtual Assistants ever since hearing about them from Pat Flynn’s Podcast with Chris Ducker. Jon Haver also frequently talks about using them for various SEO services and Pat Flynn has blogged about using them in the past.

In this interview Michelle shares her story from traveling to Egypt to beginning her work as a virtual entrepreneur. It was great to get an understanding of how she is able to manage a team and serve clients anywhere around the world all because of the power of the internet. She explains that her business model works by assessing a clients needs and then assigning tasks to each of her Virtual Assistants to complete tasks.

Looking for personal VA’s is a bit different where with a service like Virtual Staff Finder you would hire a VA to perform specific tasks for yourself. Michelle’s business works much more like a digital marketing company but her employees are from various parts of the world as opposed to one location.

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