Some Updates On What I’m Working On – Ep. 71

So in my last podcast episode I talked about some updates on what I’m currently doing. Things have changed quite a bit over the past couple weeks for me, I am no longer co-running the service. You can read more details about this in Jon’s post.

I’ve decided to basically continue working on a model called “Rank & Rent” which is to rank brand new sites organically via Google and rent them out to local businesses. I talk about this in the episode and how I plan to work on some SEO outsourcing myself on the side as a consultant. I’ve decided that I enjoy the SEO game and would like to continue with it.

I now have my own small 5 site private blog network which will be quite useful for ranking my own niches sites, especially due to the fact that I can maintain permanent home page article placement (A perk not included with services like LightningRank).

I’m looking forward to the rest of the year to see what I can accomplish with these projects!


Staying Focused & Some Updates On Current Projects – Ep. 70

I have not posted an actual podcast episode in a few weeks now. I decided to record a short 10 minute show today to talk a bit about my current projects.

I’m currently having a lot of success with an SEO service I run with Jon Haver of Authority Website Income. This is the main reason I have held off on podcasting. You can check out Lightning Rank here.

Beyond this I’m staying very focused on one niche site I’d like to build out to become a large authority site over time.

Hope you enjoy today’s episode!