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Meet Chris Dyson of Triple SEO

Today I am presenting another written interview with Chris Dyson of Triple SEO. I asked Chris a lot of SEO focused questions in this interview.

1. What got you interested in blogging about SEO and internet marketing? Share your story.

I have been blogging for about 7 years now but mainly on other subjects such as music & technology.

About 2 years ago I setup my own blog Triple SEO as a way to promote my services as well as a journal of a few SEO experiments I was doing.  I decided to have a no nonsense approach and rather than preach about “content marketing” write more about things that do work for me that aren’t expensive to carry out.

The blog has helped me to connect with other people in the industry but has also delivered some passive income from tools I recommend and deliver a steady stream of client enquiries.  I don’t blog for my own site as much anymore as I now write for Hit Reach and Search Engine Watch but I’ve built up an email list of over 3400 and I have over 3300 Twitter followers too.

2. If you were to recommend one or two courses for people to learn about SEO what would you recommend and why?

I’m not a big follower of SEO courses as I personally believe in carrying out your own learning by testing out things and seeing what happens.

However I do use DistilledU and Point Blank SEO’s Link Building Course when I train new starters or freelancers as a solid grounding in white hat SEO.

If you want to learn more about automated link building tools then Jacob King is your man.

3. What is working for you today in regards to SEO? What types of methods or tactics are you using to achieve quality results?

I don’t have a go to tactic as such, I try to mix things up as and where possible.

However one tactic that I use that yields good results is getting links on high authority resource Pages on High Authority Sites (.gov .edu NPO’s) generally I will mix up how I approach these types of sites but there might be a seasonal event a client is affiliated with, a staff discount or student program if you are local store or online merchant and if all else fails you can try broken link building.

I’m quite cautious with tactics that still work but leave a huge foot print behind such as guest posting or infographics and I’ve started moving towards newsjacking or developing useful tools for clients who have the budgets for it.

4. If you were to pick one tool for keyword research, what would you use and why?

Easy – Keyword Snatcher – it’s cheap ($47) and a one off fee, Keyword Snatcher is like Ubersuggest in that it scrapes Google AutoComplete for keyword suggestions but Keyword Snatcher does it on a much larger scale.

I ran a report the other day that returned over 50,000 variations of one keyword, and these are words people are searching for every day in Google.

Pop the list into Google’s Keyword Planner and start prioritizing your content.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

This year I plan on learning a lot more about UX design and CRO. I have a big interest in psychology and persuasion and want to carry out more experiments and look at things such as dark patterns and ways we can help users make the right choices.

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