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Using Relationships To Leverage Traffic Generation With Corbett Barr – Ep. 59

I’m happy to present another podcast episode today with Corbett Barr of The Sparkline (Formerly Corbett has been in the online marketing game for a long time. I decided to focus this episode on his story and why he decided to become an online Entrepreneur.

Corbett has created courses such as Build A Blog That Matters and the most recent membership site Fizzle. I participated in 30 days of the Fizzle course trial and thought it was one of the best courses I’ve through, very much worth checking out.

Corbett, Caleb & Chase also host the Fizzle Show on iTunes.

In this episode we mostly discussed how great relationships can be used to leverage long term traffic benefits. Having the ability to reach out to a friend can be very powerful, I even talk a lot about this in the Kindle book I’ve been working on for the last few months.

I really resonated with Corbett’s advice in this episode. I find the more people I interview the more opportunities I open for myself to work with more amazing intelligent people, many of whom who have helped me a long the way.

Check out the interview:

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