The Solo Ads Machine With Allen Gregory – Ep. 35

In today’s episode I reached out to Allen Gregory, I originally found Allen over on the Warrior Forum. Typically product creators will request testimonials and reviews in exchange for a free “review copy” of the product they plan to launch. I ended up grabbing a review copy of Allen’s course and leaving him a testimonial for the product. Allen created a product called the Solo Ads Machine, I figured why not reach out for an interview after checking out his course.

For those of you that are not familiar with solo ads, it’s basically a form of “borrowing” someones e-mail list allowing you to advertise to their list. Typically most solo ads are used to promote products as an affiliate and to allow you to build your own list where you can build a relationship with your list.

Let’s say someone has 6000 people on there e-mail list, they typically sell a solo ad by providing ‘clicks’ based on their typical click through rate when sending an e-mail to all 6000 e-mail subscribers. If the landing page is good the conversion should generally do fairly well allowing you to get a percentage of the people who clicked on the ad in your e-mail.

I have some experience with solo ads and have run a few myself, Allen’s course really digs into everything from getting a domain, hosting all the way to advanced landing page tactics and e-mail copy for sending out your solo ads.

I am using a domain I purchased earlier this year with solo ads you can checkout here:

The idea is to use a captivating message to encourage users to opt-in where I promote a product or offer on the other side all while building an e-mail list. This page on average converts at about 40-50% for me based on the traffic I’ve sent to it.

I highly recommend this course, Allen actually takes you live straight through the course and provides a lot of detail on what’s included. We both share a lot of tips & tricks as well as our experiences using solo ads.

Checkout the interview:

Resources mentioned in this show:

The Solo Ad Machine Course (Affiliate)

Connect With Allen on Facebook

Hypertracker – Used for tracking clicks and traffic, a must have for in-depth tracking. – Another tracking system, this one has a free version available.
Instant Marketing Method – My own landing page that I use with solo ads
The landing page I’m testing – This is where you go once you opt in with the page above.
One Press Social Locker Plugin – This plugin allows you to create a “locker” where users must share the page on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter in order to unlock the content on the page. I use a landing page here where you can check it out for yourself (make sure you don’t have pop-ups enabled for it to display).
The trick is that when people share the content they are actually sharing my Instant Marketing Method page allowing me to generate additional leads and a ‘viral’ effect for people who opt-in.