Starting My First Niche Website & Blog Updates

I have not been writing as much content lately for my blog but I thought I’d write a post about starting my first niche website and what I’m currently working on as well as some progress I have made with my blog.

I wanted to also use this post to give a brief back story on where I’m at right now with online marketing.

My marketing journey began by joining a company called Empower Network. I made some money with their program but the more and more time I invested into tools and training I just eventually came to a realization that I wanted to focus on something else entirely. I originally started a part time business with a fitness MLM company called Beachbody before becoming a part of EN. After 2 years struggling to recruit people into the business I decided to take a break realizing I spent the majority of my time working on a fitness blog I found I enjoyed building websites and online marketing was something I wanted to pursue and Empower pretty much got me involved in that.

The last several months I have been focusing on the idea of this new interview show and so far the feedback from everyone has been great. I have now posted 4 interviews and have 3 new ones I will be posting shortly, each person I interview has shared great advice and everyone is doing something different to see success online, that’s the great thing about the internet because there is so much out there and so many ways people can achieve success.

So in terms of blog updates I have done the following in the last couple months:

-Setup new opt in pages throughout my blog with Hybrid Connect

-Signed up for Libsyn (podcasting service I am starting soon)

-Got a new logo done on

-Posted 4 new interviews

-Fixed various blog posts

-Wrote 3 Guest Posts (2 were published so far, planning to do a lot more)

You can see them here:

How To Increase Social Media Content Sharing With Empire Avenue

How To Be More Productive With Your Online Marketing Efforts (This post is doing awesome, over 35 comments including mine!)

These are just a few of the things I have done, I am mostly focusing on getting more interviews going and making sure I stay consistent.

Starting My First Niche Site and Podcasts

I have started listening to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast and have gone through about 35~ episodes in just 4 weeks, doing this has really kept me motivated and excited to be marketing online! I am planning to start my own Podcast soon since I just got the logo done over at for my site.

I have become more and more interested in the idea of Niche sites ever since listening to Pat’s Podcast this got my encouraged to read his previous Niche site duel and his new Niche site duel v2.0. Pat created a security guard training site that over time is earning quite a bit from Adsense! I also started noticing other people I’ve been following like Mike Thomas of who previously used to build Adsense sites.

Matthew Allen of invited me to a Google+ group that focuses just on niche site creation. I’ve been pondering the idea for a bit now after seeing the success some people have been having with these targeted niche sites. Spencer Haws of publicly shared his entire journey with a new niche site project I also found really interesting.

After joining the group with Matt and others I found Tung Tran’s blog He has a keyword research service he offers on the Warriorforum I thought would be a great start to get going with my first niche site. I am familiar with SEO, WordPress and have no problems writing or possibly even outsourcing content. So I went ahead and ordered the platinum package for this, I plan to get my first site setup through Bluehost and work on that over the next several months.

Overall interviews are going great and I am excited to see what Podcasting will do for my current audience. Right now I have about 240~ people on my mailing list but I plan to grow that exponentially over the year using various tactics like The Drafting Technique.

+John Shea