Interview with Tom John of Fuel Radio – Ep. 73

Today I’m sharing another podcast episode with Tom John who is the owner of fuel radio. I originally intended on sharing this article on my metalcore kingdom blog but I decided to share it here instead.

Tom talks a lot about internet radio, how he got started and what it’s been like growing his community at Fuel Radio.

I also take some time at the start of this episode to talk a little bit about what I’m currently working on.



Learn Some Tips & Tricks For Starting An Interview Show With Me! – Ep. 30

Today will be my 30th online interview! I am pretty happy that I’ve been able to stay fairly consistent with my interviews with the exception of around June when I purchased my first home. I have not spent a ton of time promoting my site since I re-branded it from to I’ve mostly tried to stick to a bare minimum of posting 1 interview a week and to always be looking for new and exciting guests.

Today will be a bit different as I had a fan actually reach out to me who happen to know many of the folks from the UK who I’ve interviewed such as Paul Barnett, James Tudsbury and Trevor Dumbleton. Lee Mpensah reached out to me through e-mail and asked to do an interview with me to talk about starting an interview show. I decided to post it here on my blog because I talk about my story, why I started my interview show and some various tips and tricks I’ve learned getting started.

Checkout my first time being interviewed!

Resources for this show:

Auphonic – Awesome site for uploading and improving Podcast uploads, as well a adding intro and outro sound clips to your episodes with ease. – Free resource for uploading Podcast episodes

Libsyn – Great paid resource for podcast uploads

Podcasting Tutorial – Pat Flynn’s awesome podcast tutorial that is completely free