Interview Show Updates & Niche Site Progress

Thought I’d post up a new blog post about some recent progress I’ve been having with my blog.

Interview Show Updates:

So I’ve been really starting to make progress with my show, now that my Podcast is all set it’s a lot easier to keep creating new interviews and just posting them. We recently had a long 4 day weekend with memorial day off and I actually had a productive lazy weekend, does that even make sense?

I’m in the process of buying my first home so I did some furniture shopping on Friday and Saturday I basically lounged around all day with friends and watched movies while relaxing. Sunday I had a great opportunity to Interview Shane Melaugh of The interview came out awesome and I’ll be posting it later this week.

What really caught my attention is that ever since starting up this idea of doing interviews it’s really not all that difficult to reach out to someone about asking them to be a guest on my show. Shane actually did a good hour and 15 minute interview with me and then stayed another 30 minutes just chatting with me casually after on our Google+ hangout. This was pretty amazing to me because he is very widely known in the online marketing industry and creates really amazing products. I’m thinking to myself I’m just some dude trying to start off with little credibility or audience and here I am with the chance to take a Sunday afternoon talking with someone who is very knowledgeable and people may even pay him to learn from him. I even recently saw a product where a couple guys interviewed 7 top online marketers including Shane and sold all of the interviews for $100. Here I am with the opportunity to ask someone like Shane really anything I’d like and he’s giving me that time and very willing to help, the whole thought of how powerful interviews were just blew me away.

To make the weekend even better I had scheduled an interview in advance with two other people I have been following for some time.

Tommy Walker of had reached out to me about an awesome article he posted on my blog. I always take into consideration people who send me legitimate e-mails with great content compared to a lot of those marketers on Facebook who message me about their new business opportunity they are trying to get me to join and simply offer no value. I decided to use Skype with Vodburner for this interview and it happened to make over 20GB of files I’m having a bit of trouble converting. I’ve decided to start using Google+ hangouts specifically for my interviews just because of the hassle I’ve dealt with using Skype. I already lost a prior interview and have had trouble getting the guest to find a time to re-do the interview, not fun.

A great ending to my long weekend was being able to interview Pat Flynn of Pat has been a HUGE inspiration for me to get started with a niche site, start my Podcast and being someone I can learn online marketing from. He was actually at the top of my list for people I wanted to interview and I was so glad he was willing to take 45 minutes to let me ask him questions about what he’s currently working on and his blog. I tried to keep the interview unique and actually worked on coming up with a list of questions I thought of after listening to over 60 of his Podcast episodes in just 6-7 weeks during my commute to work.

Having guests like these on really makes me believe that what I’m doing is a good thing and will benefit others as I build an audience.

I’ll have a blog post for each of these interviews posted in the coming weeks.

Another promising progress note is that I have been following Andrew Warner who runs and he has probably one of the top online interview shows out there on the web. Andrew sent out an e-mail a couple weeks ago about looking for a small group of 100 people he planned to take in on an inner circle group he plans to help individual people with. I replied with my honest thoughts and filled out the application survey, Andrew was quick to reply and appreciated my feedback. Last night I received an e-mail that I was accepted into the course and he e-mailed me directly stating that he wants to help change lives. In fact this is exactly what he said “This is the most important thing in my life right now and I need to make sure that it changes your life.” Considering I’m trying to get off to a good start with my interview show, what better person to work with than Andrew? Those are some powerful words.

In order to participate I was asked to also become part of his premium membership program that runs for $25 a month, the course runs for 2 months. I immediately assumed this is a no brainer to be able to work closely with someone who has been so successful with an interview show, I’m in! It’s exciting to see progress with everything I am working on.

Niche Site Update:

I’ve been working on getting my goals organized for my niche site and mostly working on article / review content for each of the products I’ll be selling. I have not decided if I’d like to make my project public especially as there are a couple competitors from what I found when searching online. My biggest focus is to make an actual good resource for my niche site so that when people discover through Google SEO it will actually have useful and relevant information they can use to make a decision before buying a product. That is what I’d expect if I were looking for reviews and information prior to making a purchase.