How To Get Noticed By Your Favorite Entrepreneur with Michael O’Neal – Ep. 38

I’ve recently been interviewing a lot of up and coming interview show hosts and podcasters. Today on the show I interviewed Michael O’Neal who is the host of the Solopreneur hour. Mike is also the producer for the Kickass Life Podcast With David Wood. Mike’s show focuses on value packed interviews with successful entrepreneurs, his episodes generally hit around the 1 hour mark. The mission statement on his blog states:

Our mission is to take you through their journey, give you actionable steps and actions to help you with your ventures, and inspire you to take massive action.
In this interview we talked a lot about how Mike was able to grow his Podcast audience quickly and even start monetizing his show with sponsorship. He even talks about having the opportunity to interview Adam Corolla and have his first celebrity on the show.
Key points about success Michael shared:
  • Visual appearance is important – dress the part and people will take notice.
  • Connect with people, be different and ask for introductions to meet other successful entrepreneurs

We talked about an awesome example Michael shared in this episode about how he was able to stand out to the one and only Pat Flynn of the SmartPassiveIncome blog. Mike sent Pat an e-mail with very specific questions that only required a very specific and simple answer. Once Pat answered these questions Mike actually sent him a $20 iTunes gift card to stand out from the crowd. He talked about even meeting up with Pat during an event allowing him to ask Pat to be introduced to other successful entrepreneurs in the online space.

I did something similar with Pat by leaving him a video review and testimonial when he launched his book Let Go, this allowed me to stand apart from the 250~ other people who left reviews on Amazon. Only 5-10 people left video reviews. Pat thanked me and followed me on Twitter for this.

We also talked a bit about masterminds and Mike’s new Sololab mastermind opportunity he is working on. There is an amazing guest post by Jaime Tardy of the Eventual Millionaire posted over on Pat blog about mastermind groups, what they are and how they can benefit you. Check out the post – Mastermind Groups and Mentors.

Checkout the interview:

Resources Mentioned in this show:

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