How To Get Free Facebook Fans with Empire Avenue – My Empire Avenue Review

So you are probably reading this because you are interested in free Facebook Fans, I recently discovered a website online called Empire Avenue that will help you get more free Facebook fans for your page or business. Empire Avenue is basically a social media game where you share others content, users will also share your content. Empire Avenue allows you to connect many popular social media sites, the more active you are on these sites the more you will be able to participate in the system. I personally connected all of my social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, my personal blog etc.

Empire Avenue uses a virtual currency they call ‘Eaves’. These Eaves can be used for many things within Empire Avenue including getting yourself Free Facebook fans.

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What are Eaves used for? How will this help me get free Facebook fans?

  • You can Invest your eaves into other users, this works similar to stocks. Let’s say someone new joins Empire Avenue, to start out a new users ‘share’ will be worth about 12 or 13 Eaves each. I can invest a maximum of 200 Eaves if the user is brand new. As more people invest Eaves into a user the more their shares will increase in value. So let’s say I’ve just invested 200 into this new user, if they started with shares valued at 13 this will increase slightly to maybe 13.50 or so. I will explain further down in this post how this will benefit you.
  • Considering these users will have their own social media networks connected to their account, as they actively participate and use Empire Avenue their shares will start to increase in value. You have the choice of selling your invested shares to generate Eaves for your own use. Eaves will also be generated for you daily based on your shares you have purchased from other users, very awesome!
  • Eaves can be used to create missions that others users will complete, I will explain below how this will help you get more free Facebook Fans.

Getting free Facebook Fans by creating Missions.

In order to create your own mission you will need to have a share value of at least 30e (eaves) per share. As I stated above, this will happen once enough people have invested into you, it took me only 3 days to see this happen so it does take not very long.  A mission allows you do setup a task that users can complete. Here is an example:

I could setup a mission that has 10 available spots and requests that users “Like” my Facebook business page, this is how you will get your Free Facebook Fans! You can set an exchange for a set amount of eaves, like 1500, 2000, 3000 etc. You can complete others missions by helping them do similar tasks. Many tasks will reward you with anywhere from 1500-5000e and some as high as 10,000e! A lot of people are very generous and sometimes even give away Eaves for free, some even invest into your shares if you invest in them. This is basically a win-win because they are helping you and you are helping them.

Some examples of missions:

  • Retweet a Tweet on Twitter
  • Like a Facebook page, this is how users get free Facebook fans!
  • Friend a user on Facebook
  • Subscribe to a channel on Youtube
  • Watch a video on Youtube
  • Comment and share a blog post
  • Some users ask to “Bomb” a blog or content on a social media page. This means just like, share, tweet, G+ on a lot of their posts.
  • Recommend their profile, when viewing a profile of another user there is a ‘recommend’ button that will help them get more exposure.
  • Invest in the user in exchange for Eaves

You can earn Eaves VERY quickly by doing missions.

Here is an example screenshot of the missions tab, we have users requesting investing eaves, re-tweets, and a Facebook Like bomb to help them out.

Common courtesy tasks on Empire Avenue

  • When you invest Eaves into someone’s shares it will ask if you would like to leave a ‘shout out’ on their profile wall, many people do this to build relationships and show you are helping each other out. I like to say something like “+50 shares for you” when I invest in them, they will receive a notification and hopefully invest into you or do some of your missions.
  • You can connect RSS feeds from your blog on Empire Avenue, in order for these to help you out users must qualify your blogs by approving them. You need 5 approvals for them to qualify, help others out by checking out their blogs and approving them.
  • Invest in new users! This is a no brainer because if they start using the system their share value will without a doubt increase and it’s a great way to help someone get their share value up to 30e fast.
  • When completing missions don’t forget to click on the “Like” button on the mission, this helps create more exposure for their mission.

Let’s think more about how Empire Avenue helps you get free Facebook Fans and helps boost your social media visibility on the internet.

  • More re-tweets means more Twitter followers, more exposure
  • More YouTube views means people are more likely to watch your video
  • More YouTube subscribers means more exposure to your channel
  • More comments on your blog means that more people will be encouraged to read your content.

Not only will you gain more free Facebook fans but you will get more social media popularity in just about any type of social network you want! You can use these same social sites to promote anything you want online. Empire Avenue is awesome and I highly encourage connecting as many of your social networks as possible if you are trying to create more social media exposure and get more free Facebook fans.

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