Social Media Automation Using Mass Planner With Milo – Ep. 78

Hi everyone,

In this episode I interviewed a fellow named Milo who is a developer for an application called Mass Planner. This is probably one of the most in-depth social media automation tools out there.

During the interview I ask Milo about this tool, what some of the features are and how it can help you grow your social media fans quickly. Basically the tool consists of a lot of follow, like and comment features for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Check out the interview and learn more about Mass Planner here.


Interview with Laura Roeder of – Ep. 76

Today I am presenting another podcast episode with Laura Roeder. Laura has been in the online marketing space for some time now, I actually originally heard about her through Derek Halpern of SocialTriggers.

In this episode we mostly discussed Laura’s new application Edgar. If you have used tools like Hootsuite before you will know that having something to help automate and schedule your social media content is important these days. Edgar actually stands out apart from most of the free solutions out there by categorizing and recycling old content. I like the idea behind Edgar because you can queue up old blog content from say a year ago and Edgar will share this content for you not once but potentially several times to reach a maximum audience.

It also helps determine when most engagement is happening so you can adjust accordingly to your posting schedule, all you are left to do is simply engage with your fans!

Check out Edgar here.

We also talked a bit about Laura’s experience with paying for high end coaching to get her to where she is today.

Laura also now runs the SaaS app Paperbell that helps coaches invoice their clients.

You can learn more about Laura on her site LKRSocialMedia.