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Interview with Ryan Michael of

Today I am presenting another written interview with Ryan Michael who has been an internet marketer for over 10 years.Ryan_Michael

1. What got you started in internet marketing? Share your story.

I first got my start in internet marketing when I was just 19 years old as a freshman in college doing affiliate marketing. I actually saw a commercial on TV about a work from home program so I decided to take down the information and investigate further. While I didn’t buy that particular program, it did spark my curiosity about how someone could earn money using just the internet. I found it fascinating that I could harness the power of the World Wide Web to earn money. To me it just seemed like the possibilities were endless as well as the different ways to earn money.

2. You mentioned you are currently a part of a particular program that has been working out really well for you. Can you tell us more about that program?

Yes, I am a member of The Secret Success Machine (SSM). It’s a high-ticket, direct sales program. It has been around for some years now and I really have nothing but good things to say about it. The program provides really good products that I find useful in my everyday tasks. It’s not network marketing, MLM or cash gifting which is part of the reason I like it so much. However, the program isn’t for everyone. The people who are truly serious about earning money online will find this program suitable. Lowest entry barrier is $500 all the way up to $20,000 so it gives me a chance to teach and train people who are in it for the long haul and really want to change their financial situation.

3. How have you gone about advertising and promoting your program?

What I have learned over the years is that not every form of advertising works for each program, etc. With a program like SSM I have found that postcard marketing, voice-broadcasting, PPC and solo-ads are the most effective and cost effective. I have tried other forms of advertising and the ROI just wasn’t there to justify running the campaigns. While the above forms are not the cheapest available, they are the most effective and more importantly they are working in 2014. One could spend $500 on a voice blast or a 1,000 postcard mailing and easily make their investment back 10 fold.

4. Do you work with your team members one on one? How do you stand out from other people who are in the same industry?

Yes, one of the things I pride myself on is my training and support. I offer 100% free coaching and support to all my team members. Too many times in this industry people promise certain things and fail to follow through. I have a genuine interest in making my team members successful. That’s why I provide them with all my contact information; direct line, email, Skype, postal, etc. I highly encourage my team members to call me or Skype me if they are having any problems or issues. Once someone becomes a part of my team I spend 1-2 hours with them on the phone explaining more in depth how the program works and how they can become successful. I provide everyone with all of my traffic strategies and sources. I tell them exactly what to do and I love seeing my teammates make money and become successful! It really is a good feeling knowing that you had a hand in changing someone’s financial future. Even after someone on my team goes on and becomes successful I still stay in touch with them and check in on them from time to time. I have actually met in person some of my most successful team members and we will sit down and bounce ideas of each other!

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

I have always wanted to explore higher forms of advertising such as national newspapers, radio and maybe even TV. I don’t like to jump from program to program so I will continue to expand my marketing with SSM. I would like to ramp of the number of voice blasts and postcard mailings. I want to help as many people as I can achieve their financial goals a freedom. That is the great thing about SSM is that the sky is really the limit. There is no cap on the amount of money you can make. It’s truly up to you! If you have interest in learning more about The Secret Success Machine and becoming a team member, just head over to