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Interview with John Shownmi, owner of SP Studios

Today I am presenting another written interview with John Shownmi

Check out the interview:

  1. What got you interested in starting your own recording studio? Share your story.

How did SP Studios begin…Well its kind of strange story really, I stumbled across the business idea by accident. I heard a song by a local rapper at the time by the name of Tinie Tempah, I liked his vocal tone ad style of music, and wanted to mimic his style and record some covers. I had spoke to a friend that week that spoke about building a studio in his home and I didn’t know this could be done before!

I had planned to set up the equipment have it for a month record a personal CD then sell the equipment after use, but I noticed at social gatherings whenever I would mention me having a studio people would approach me to have use of it, I saw the demand and thus provided the supply. The natural progression of people asking “Do you know who can film my music video?” “Do you know who could take pictures for my press release?” Lead SP Studios into the field of visual media!

  1. How have you gone about finding new bands to work with at your studio?

Mainly we find new clients via word of mouth, or in general in the music aspect when artists feature other artists on songs they get a taster of the studio and may decide to come back.

On our visual works we tend to include our logo branding or at least get accreditation in some capacity, which allows others to recognise the company and make enquiries.

  1. Do you have any examples of some of the bands you have worked with, what was it like working with them?

I could show you examples continuously non stop for days, weeks even we’ve worked with over 500 different clients on over 10000 Songs, Videos, events and Photoshoots . But for now illl only discuss a few lol.

SP Studios Recorded and mixed a song called ‘One Day I Went To Lidl’ by Afrikan Boy, Its one of the early works but by far one of the most prominent with it getting a whooping 1 million views to date, it was great working on this with Afrikan Boy he is a funny character and the songs success was unexpected.

Who said dreams don’t come true? SP Studios was approached by Tinie Tempah’s management at the time to master the Burgerboy Remix of ‘Tears’. I had always wanted to get my hands on some Tinie Tempah vocals… Finally I did!

SP Studios produced and filmed a video series for X Factor contestants Rough Copy entitled ‘Cover Sundays’. It was great working with these guys they are such a laugh and great to be around.

SP Studios was invited to the Youtube Studios in london by Zack Knight to work on a music video with Shadstar ‘Makin Em Mad’ It was the first time working with a full production team with us taking the lead was a great experience

SP Studios biggest work to date is engineering ‘Evolution 2.0

Evolution features Crooked I (Slaughterhouse) Kuniva (D12) Kid Bookie, Samantha Mumba , Scrufizzer, Lady Leshurr & Dot Rotten. The video is also playing aired worldwide on various platforms. Was great working with vocals from such great artists and its always great working with Kid Bookie, I’m promise I’m not just saying that because he’s my friend LOL

  1. How do you stand out from other recording studios in your area, what makes yours unique?

I think SP Studios stands out in our borough because people remember its humble beginnings, its work ethic and what its achieved so far, we understand brand strength and try our best to focus on our brand as a quality and trustworthy company.

We Make sure our Logo or accreditation is given to many of our works and it can now be seen throughout many celebrity works, giving us that brand validation. Also the fact we have a media platform in which we can promote our musical aspect of the business gives us our own uniqueness.

  1. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

Future plans… To take over UK and then… The world! SP Studios need to be forerunner in its chosen field and its my job to make sure it gets there. First by building our media platform so we have the audience and fans to participate in our crusade! We will become the future hub for entertainment!