Re-Branding To Become The Unmistakeable Creative with Srini Rao – Ep. 61

Today on the show I present another podcast episode with Srini Rao. Srini is well known for the podcast Blogcast FM and recently re-branded his show to take a whole new direction with his new show – The Unmistakeable Creative.

In this episode we talk a lot about podcasting and Srini’s take on his re-brand, how his audience and guests gradually changed over the past year leading up to the creation of the Unmistakeable Creative.

I learned a lot from Srini in this episode, he really takes a stand on creating a show that is in line with his passion for art and creativity, featuring guests who have done some really amazing things. He mentioned in the show for example how someone reached out to him about how they walked a dog around the globe with them while traveling. It’s stories such as this one that inspire Srini and get him excited about his new show and what’s to come in 2014.

Check out the episode: