From Radio To Podcasting With Jeff Brown – Ep. 60

I came across a newer Podcast in a Podcasting group I’m apart of on Facebook called the Read To Lead Podcast. Jeff Brown comes from a 20+ year background in radio and as of this past year decided to launch his own Podcast, every week Jeff reads one new book and interviews the author (talk about a ton of work!).

Jeff has been off to an awesome start with his show and I saw he was doing some really great things online such as launching his own podcast course so I decided to reach out and have him on the show.

In this episode we talk a lot about Jeff’s story and how the Read To Lead Podcast came to be, I learned a lot from Jeff in this episode and I hope you guys will too!

If you hadn’t noticed my intro music for the past several episodes has changed, Jeff was even gracious enough to help me with a voice over for my show. He is officially now the “voice” of my show introduction, thanks again Jeff!

Check out the interview: