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Interview with Christian Abbas of

Today I present another written interview with Christian Abbas of

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1. What got you interested digital marketing? Share your story.

From a young age, I realised that I wanted to further my career into the online sector. The speed at which things were changing made it obvious that many new opportunities would arise, and I wanted to be around to capitalise on them. However, at that early stage, I didn’t really know how to make it happen. I graduated from university with an economics and business management degree and jumped at the opportunity to fill an SEO writing position at a digital marketing agency in my area. Before long, it became obvious that the company I was working for was hindering my progress, and with a partner, I went on to build Prime Scripting.

2. What types of services do you find are most popular among the 3 you provide – Social media, copywriting or SEO?

All three of the services we provide are demanded in huge quantities, and this demand only continues to increase. Small businesses are now beginning to understand the importance of having a social presence, and we are seeing more and more companies budgeting for it. The situation is very similar for copywriting. Content is an increasingly important part of the web and people from around the globe continue to demand web copy, blogging and press release services from native English writers. SEO makes up a slightly smaller segment of our workload, although there is absolutely no doubt that demand in this area will increase.

3. What are a few challenges you typically face working with most clients when it comes to meeting their expectations?

Sometimes clients ask us to write copy for their sites in niches that we are not directly experienced in, which requires us to do the necessary research before writing. However, being able to do this research and write for a client’s specific target market is a core skill of a copywriter. I think it’s important to understand the opportunity that arises with each challenge. Every new niche that our writers study makes us a little better prepared for the next client.

4. When helping clients with SEO, what types of strategies are working today for your team?

When it comes to SEO, we only use ethical strategies which produce lasting results and are safe from being penalised by Google. Having expertise in both writing and SEO allows us to write optimised web copy, making the pages as accessible as possible for search engines. As well as that, we have a lot of contacts which allow us to build backlinks by posting high-quality articles on authoritative websites.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

As we further cement our place as an authority within the industry, we are looking to move into the broader digital marketing space. The first stage is to move on to graphic design and web design, which we feel are perfect complements to the services we already offer.

Prime Scripting are SEO consultants, providers of copywriting services and social media management.