Utilizing Virtual Assistants Around The Globe With Michelle Dale – Ep. 47

On today’s episode I had the opportunity to interview Michelle Dale who is the owner of Virtual Miss Friday, a platform used to serve clients all over the globe with virtual assistants for their businesses.

I’ve been intrigued by the idea of using Virtual Assistants ever since hearing about them from Pat Flynn’s Podcast with Chris Ducker. Jon Haver also frequently talks about using them for various SEO services and Pat Flynn has blogged about using them in the past.

In this interview Michelle shares her story from traveling to Egypt to beginning her work as a virtual entrepreneur. It was great to get an understanding of how she is able to manage a team and serve clients anywhere around the world all because of the power of the internet. She explains that her business model works by assessing a clients needs and then assigning tasks to each of her Virtual Assistants to complete tasks.

Looking for personal VA’s is a bit different where with a service like Virtual Staff Finder you would hire a VA to perform specific tasks for yourself. Michelle’s business works much more like a digital marketing company but her employees are from various parts of the world as opposed to one location.

Check out the interview:

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Learning From Pat Flynn of – Ep.12

I had the honor of being able to interview Pat Flynn who runs the blog

Pat has been doing some amazing things in the blogging community in terms of affiliate marketing and niche websites. I was super pumped and nervous to do this interview because I actually considered Pat to be the #1 person I wanted to interview out of all the people I have been following online. I find him to be a huge inspiration as someone who has been very successful online and has built a huge community for himself.

I actually decided a few months ago to download about 65~ of his Podcast episodes dating back to 2010. I listened to about 1-2 Podcast episodes a day during my commute to and from work. I actually completely stopped listening to music during this time which was a big deal for me. I actually am a raving metal fan and run this site in my free time so this was sort of a “sacrifice” for me. I listened to all the episodes in about 7-8 weeks.

Pat also has a series of Podcasting tutorials and this is what helped me launched my own Podcast, go check out the podcasting tutorial.

I can tell you right now, if you have not listened to Pat’s podcast than you are missing out big time! I would honestly PAY to hear some of the content he shares for FREE!

Checkout the SmartPassiveIncome Podcast on iTunes!

In our interview I tried to ask a lot of unique questions based on topics I never heard him get into a whole lot after listening to the majority of his Podcast episodes.

If you would like to learn more about Pat I highly recommend checking out his book Let Go on Amazon. It’s only $3.. just grab it!

Here is the interview!


Download MP3 on Dropbox


The LoveHatePlugin with Jimmy Mancini – Ep.5

This past weekend I had the chance to interview Jimmy Mancini who is going to be launching a new viral sharing WordPress plugin LoveHatePlugin (affiliate link) that encourages an “emotional” response when it comes to sharing posts through social media. The plugin is live on my blog, it’s the pop in share window at the bottom right side of the blog. I really like how it shares directly to a person’s Facebook wall as opposed to how a Facebook “Like” won’t do this. Jimmy & I talk about this in the interview.


Jimmy also talked about his YouTube External Link WSO (affiliate link) that allows you to embed annotations directly into your YouTube videos and allow them to link out to external sites! I’ve always thought YouTube only allowed you to embed annotations to other YouTube videos but this WSO actually shows you step by step how to link to any site you want! Awesome!

We also talked about a book called The Fastlane Millionare, I also heard about this book on Pat Flynn’s Podcast Episode #18 with MJ Demarco.

You can check it out on Amazon below: