The Future of Online Dating With Lori Cheek – Ep. 46

When Lori emailed me through the HARO platform I was really intrigued to learn about her story for creating a unique online dating system with all the competition out there.

Today websites like Match, Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, and OkCupid are among some of the most popular dating websites I have used in the past. The dating niche is also very competitive and people are always looking for more ways to meet more people when they are single.

I know in my case I had come to a point after graduating college that I had a limited friend circle among people I already knew so meeting new women was difficult. I’ve successfully met and dated many women through these sites but had always found my biggest struggle with meeting women in person was “breaking the ice”.

Lori created a website that allows you to do just that in a fun and interesting way, different from other systems out there. Lori is the found of

The way the system works is you can order a set of traditional business cards that can be custom made with quotes or pickup lines, each card contains a unique code that can be entered on the website where you can then communicate with the owner of the cards.

So for example if I ordered a set of cards and handed you one of mine, you would head over to, enter the unique code on the card I handed you allowing you to communicate with me through the site. Learn more about how the system works here.

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