The Benefits Of Coaching With Amanda Abella – Ep. 29

Today I am posting an interview I did with Amanda Abella, Amanda is a writer, speaker and coach. I originally met Amanda through Tom Ewer. Tom had suggested checking out Amanda’s free one-on-one call she offers through her site and as part of her coaching services. I ended up talking with Amanda for near over an hour and asked if she also wanted to join me on my show.

I really enjoy the idea of coaching because it’s very personalized to people based on their specific needs and goals. I have always liked the idea of having support and motivation, having someone to push you and keep you accountable. It’s something I’ve considered myself but as with most services online there is usually a cost associated, if it’s something your interested you can schedule a call with Amanda to get a better idea if it’s a good fit for you. Make sure to select the “Fire Up Biz” option when scheduling a call.

During today’s interview Amanda talked a lot about the benefits of coaching, she shares a few examples of clients she has worked with and how coaching has helped them change their lives by doing what they have always wanted to do. This could include getting out of bad relationships, leaving your 9-5 job or finding more confidence in yourself to do something bigger with your life.

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